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Food delivery robot barges through crime scene, has no time for our human nonsense

Food delivery robot barges through crime scene, has no time for our human nonsense

When a job needs to be done, it needs to be done.

Nothing will stop this Los Angeles employee from getting the job done. 

This food delivery robot wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of getting a warm meal to her customer.

Not even a crime scene. 

According to USA Today, a robotic delivery driver named Connie was filmed rolling through an LA crime scene, seemingly not impressed at having an obstacle in her path.

The video was shared online by the police watchdog Film The Police LA, showing Connie stopping at a sidewalk with some yellow crime scene tape in her way.

People who appear to be TV cameramen seem amused by the robot’s antics.

Connie the food delivery robot, however, didn't seem phased and was determined to make her delivery on time... there's no reason for delays on Planet Connie, after all.

In the footage, Connie can be seen calculating her next move.

Thankfully, one of the cameramen caught on after apparently realising that when a job needs to be done, it needs to be done.

So he decided to lend a hand, lifting the police tape out of the way to help the robot stroll on through.

In the footage, a group of confused-looking cops can be seen turning around as the robot trundles on by.

But Connie was determined to complete her quest... regardless of the crime scene unfolding around her.

Now that's dedication to the job. Connie deserves a promotion. 

One of the cameramen can be heard asking: “How come the robot can go over there?”

Because the order of 20 nuggets and a large coke isn’t going to deliver itself, that’s why.

Another cameraman can also be heard questioning how easily the robot got through, asking: “What if there’s a bomb?”

Bomb or no bomb, Connie was on a bot on mission. And for the record, there was no bomb.

The crime scene was set up as a result of a hoax shooting call in Hollywood, with the LAPD confirming that the call had been fake.

The robot is a piece of machinery from Serve Robotics, an independent company that spun out from Uber, according to Gizmodo.

Uber Eats has been testing autonomous delivery throughout Los Angeles since May - and well, with a commitment like Connie's, it's surely a system that’s here to stay.

William Gude, who is behind Film The Police LA, told Gizmodo: “I just saw it coming and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

"I thought to myself ‘What did I just capture?’”

Gude explained that interactions with delivery robots are becoming more and more frequent.

“I have these encounters and generally they’ve been funny. [The robots] have names and stuff. That’s creepy.” 

Creepy or not, Connie would definitely be getting my $5 Uber tip.

Featured Image Credit: Film The Police LA/Twitter.

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