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​Guy Disgusts The Internet Again With His Annual Tuna Pancakes

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

​Guy Disgusts The Internet Again With His Annual Tuna Pancakes

Some people are quite content to play it safe with pancake toppings, opting for classics like lemon and sugar or simply a big ol' dollop of Nutella.

But there are some mavericks out there who like to go a little more, erm, leftfield - like this guy, who's back with his fishy filling for another year after angering the internet in 2019 with a delicious plate of pancakes stuffed with... tinned tuna.

Announcing his controversial return to form, Ian Abrahams tweeted a picture of his ingredients ready to go, writing: "Happy Pancake Day - Ready to make my breakfast, Tuna Pancakes."

That's right, not only were they tuna pancakes, but they were also tuna pancakes for breakfast.

I know it's good to break the mould a bit, but the thought of fried batter wrapped around briney tuna first thing in the morning does make my stomach turn slightly.

Each to their own though, I guess - not that the people of the internet share that sentiment, with one commenting in horror: "What the hell is wrong with you man!!!!!"

Another joked: "Alexa...show me the worst kind of pancake please."

A slightly more classic combination of lemon and sugar. Credit: PA
A slightly more classic combination of lemon and sugar. Credit: PA

A third added: "You can't be serious."

Others argued that Abrahams' worst crime against cuisine was his use of ready-made batter, saying it's not difficult to whip up your own.

"Can't even be arsed to mix the pancake mix yourself, you lazy," one Twitter user lamented.

And it seems to be an annual fixture in his household, having tweeted a photo of his 'usual breakfast' for Pancake Day last year, racking up 1,000 likes for the sheer outrage of it all.

Shrove Tuesday falls the day before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, with the name 'shrove' deriving from the old middle English word 'shriven', which means going to confession to apologise for all the bad things you've done.

Pancake Day became another term for Shrove Tuesday as it coincided with the custom of using up all the fattening ingredients in the house before Ash Wednesday, so that people are ready for the Lenten fasting.

Who knows, maybe this guy needed to use up an old tin of tuna? Either way, you do you this Pancake Day, guys... Tuna pancakes and all.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@BroadcastMoose

Topics: Food, News

Jess Hardiman
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