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Mars Are Releasing Skittles Chewies - Without The Shell Casing

Mars Are Releasing Skittles Chewies - Without The Shell Casing

Can you imagine Skittles without a shell casing? Well, you better believe it - Mars have launched Skittles Chewies



Stop everything you're doing. This is not a drill. You know why it's not? It involves sweets - that's why.

Mars have just revealed that you can now get Skittles without a shell casing. You know that it's going to divide the whole of the Internet - pretty much like anything nowadays.

Skittles Chewies have arrived and they come in all colours, from orange and lemon to lime and blackcurrant. Of course, you'll notice that the hard shell is gone, meaning that you are not going to have pieces of shell stuck in your teeth.


"Having undertaken extensive research, we found that retailers and consumers alike were looking for something with an alternative texture that still retained the fruity flavours of our much-loved brands," says Dan Newell, from Mars Wrigley Confectionery (via the Sun).

You know what the best part about Chewies is? You can buy them now!

That's right. People have spotted Skittles Chewies in supermarkets like Asda. And don't worry, it's not like you're going to miss them. Chewies are available in small bags and sharing pouches - could you ask for any more?

It also marks the biggest change for Skittles in 20 years, as Mars suggest that the new product has a 'lighter texture and a less intense flavour than the originals'.

For anyone that has a sweet tooth - pretty much everyone, then - this is big news.

You might not even remember the last time you've eaten Skittles, but you'll surely remember how much you loved them as a kid. What's more, you know you're going to be interested in trying it.


And just imagine the possibilities of Chewies! You know that someone is going to make a dessert out of it or even a cocktail - hey, it worked for Starburst so don't bet against it. And you can always use it to make Homer Simpson's legendary Skittlebrau.

The good news doesn't stop there either - the UK will also be getting Starburst Minis, which is a smaller version of fruity classic. Pretty good reason to leg it down to your local newsagent and load up on sweets, eh? When they're this new you can probably just write off your indulgence as 'consumer research'.

Words by Adnan Riaz

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / newfoodsuk

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