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Prezzo Launches The UK's Very First 'Black Pizza' For National Pizza Day

Prezzo Launches The UK's Very First 'Black Pizza' For National Pizza Day

Apparently eating charcoal is tasty, as well as good for you. Who knew?

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

People are pretty protective over their pizza. For a lot of people even having pineapple on there is an unforgivable crime.

Whilst Prezzo aren't proposing anything quite as disgusting as that they are offering two new pizzas that might surprise you even more because they have a black base.

They've not burnt it though - you could send it back if that was the case - it has been infused with charcoal because - well - we're not really sure.

It's weird looking, too. But it probably doesn't taste that different though, so it might be worth a try.

They've come out because it is National Pizza Day (which is apparently a thing) today and apparently that's the best time to release new and unusual pizzas, which seems pretty reasonable.

The two pizzas are called the Etna and the Monte Bianco. The Etna has a garlic chilli and tomato base and is topped with Calabrese sausage, rocket, mozzarella cheese, and roquito chilli pearls. It actually sounds really nice.

The Monte Bianco is the vegetarian option and sounds a little bit more out there. It has a béchamel sauce base and is topped with mozzarella cheese, truffle oil, and rocket.

They'll be on sale from today for £10.95 each. Go and have a try for yourself.

As everyone knows, a pizza is for life, not just for National Pizza Day, and they will now be a full time addition to the menu at Prezzo's 250 restaurants across the UK.

They say that the pizzas "promise a taste sensation" that will offer you a "multi-sensory experience" - which presumably means that you can smell it as well as taste it? To be fair, that's pretty much a minimum requirement for a pizza.

If you don't fancy eating out, Waitrose does a charcoal base pizza too, and it's way cheaper at less than a fiver.

There's been a lot of scare-mongering about whether charcoal is safe to eat given that the Food Standards Agency have warned against eating burnt foods because they apparently produce something called acrylamide which is a cancer causing chemical.

Don't let that put you off your pizza though because they are perfectly safe. The charcoal used in making these is not actually burnt. It is medical standard charcoal that is the same as the ones people buy from health shops as a supplement.

Charcoal is apparently great for reducing gas and bloating, removing toxins from your system, and can even help with hangovers apparently.

That's all the convincing I need.

Featured Image Credit: Prezzo

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