Restaurant Creates Sandwich That Uses Pickles Instead Of Bread

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Restaurant Creates Sandwich That Uses Pickles Instead Of Bread

You know you've reached peak 2019 when you start seeing pickles replacing bread. A restaurant in the States has done just that - having launched a new, healthier option for the humble sandwich.

Elsie's in New Jersey lets its customers pick from a range of fillings, including deli meats, cheeses and sauces, to create their very own sandwich, but there's not a slice of bread to be seen.

The pickle (aka gherkin) can also be swapped out for just normal cucumber, if you're not feeling all that vinegar.


Prices begin at $8.50 (about £6.50) for the classic salami pickle sub, with toppings available for an extra 25 cents each.

The restaurant also offers rolls, which involve pieces of sliced and rolled up pickle with fillings tucked inside.

At first, the concept of a breadless sandwich might seem like madness. But there may be method behind avoiding the good stuff.

Katherine Cohen, co-owner of Elsie's, told Thrillist: "So essentially, we're a sandwich shop without the bread.


"We have a family pickle recipe that we resurrected."

As people following the keto diet will tell you - the health benefits of cutting back on carbs can include less bloating and weight loss, while research has suggested that eating fermented food can help reduce inflammation.

And it seems there's a lot of demand for Elsie's subs, as well as a lot of satisfied customers.

One person wrote on Elsie's Facebook page: "Best pickle sandwich I ever had, I'm addicted."


Another posted: "Went for the first time today with some coworkers. Everything was excellent. Katherine and Kristin were super nice and the sandwiches were delicious. We all agreed we will be back."

Pickle rolls from Elsie's. Credit: Facebook/@HomeOfThePickleSandwich
Pickle rolls from Elsie's. Credit: Facebook/@HomeOfThePickleSandwich

Maybe Maccies missed a trick the other week then. As an April Fools joke, the fast food chain posted a 'McPickle Sandwich' on its social media.

Well, one absolute hero turned dreams into reality, when he recreated the joke IRL.


Matt Little, from Tasmania, saw the Maccie's prank online - and thought it looked pretty nice. So, he went to McDonald's, ordered a Big Mac and told the employee to replace the meat with a shit load of pickles - much to his wife's disgust.

Alas, he was disappointed.

Speaking to, added: "It was probably the wettest burger I'd ever eaten in my life because of all the pickle juice. I did finish it even, but the next morning I still had the tang of pickles."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/@homeofthepicklesandwich

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