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Woman Puts Chinese Takeaway Leftovers Up For Sale On Facebook For £5

Woman Puts Chinese Takeaway Leftovers Up For Sale On Facebook For £5

The woman said she would deliver it for a small fee as she needed to walk her dog anyway

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

The vast ocean of the internet is awash with bargains, but somebody's left over takeaway is not one of them - even if you get it for a fiver.

Evidently though, a woman from Devonport, UK, thought her cold, left over Chinese meal was too hot a deal to ignore. To be fair to her, the advert hasn't been ignored - but not for the reason she'd hoped.

The unnamed woman posted the appetising offer on Facebook page, Plymouth Crazy Sell and Buy, at around midnight last night. Along with the £5 price tag, she included an irresistible snap of the browny green containers sat alongside some flu relief medicine, as well as a mouth-watering description of the offering: "Left over Chinese paid well over 39 pounds for it only been sat here for a few hours need gone ASAP message me for dish info."

Nothing gets the tummy grumbling like bargain leftover mystery Chinese.

Fuckin' ell, my appetite has been well and truly whet! A meaty 39 smackers worth of takeaway, left to sit and mature for 'a few hours' - absolutely divine.

Serious question though, 'well over 39 pounds', what the shit does that mean? Did she pay like £171 for the takeaway? If so, she's playing down what's on offer by just saying 'well over 39 pounds'. Or did she pay £40.10 for it? Hard to know. Message for more details probably.

But arguably, it is her decision to try and flog her leftover takeaway that is most unusual here - rather than her decision to market it as worth 'well over 39 pounds'.

Detailing what the leftovers were comprised of, she said the bundle included 'untouched' rice, prawn crackers and chicken curry, 'half a bag of cold chips' and four chicken balls with sauce - 'undipped', crucially.


The original post was commented on more than 30 times (i.e. just more than, not well more than) and it was suggested that she freeze the leftovers. Clearly unimpressed by the suggestion, the woman threw optional delivery into the mix.

She said: "Serious buyers only. Can deliver for small free (presumably she meant fee?) need to walk my dog anyway. Let me know."

I wouldn't wait by the phone, leftovers lady. In fact, why not save everybody's time and feed your dog those 'undipped' chicken balls?

And get well soon. Flu is no fun for anyone.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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