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Woman Reveals How Much Sugar Is Actually In A Crème Egg

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Woman Reveals How Much Sugar Is Actually In A Crème Egg

Right - it probably won't come as a surprise to you that there is quite a lot of sugar in chocolate.

It's probably even less of a surprise to learn that a chocolate egg that is filled with fondant is even more full of sugar - Hell, fondant is literally sugar paste, it's not rocket science.

However, if you actually saw the amount of sugar that goes into a Crème Egg you'd maybe be a little bit surprised, because even by the standards of sugary treats it is a lot.

Well, today is your lucky day. Even though everything is already rubbish and life is essentially one long trudge towards oblivion, we're here to ruin any little pleasure you might get from your otherwise meaningless existence.


Rebecca Bilham, who runs a Facebook page called The Little Red Hut Home & Gifts, posted a picture of a Crème Egg, a two pence coin (for scale, obviously) and then a huge pile of sugar that shows us in no uncertain terms how that one treat you allow yourself in the afternoon is slowly killing you.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Brilliant - thanks for that.

So, time for the big reveal. Each tasty treat has 26 grams of sugar in it. That's the same as having about 6 teaspoons of sugar in your tea.


According to the UK Government guidelines adults are supposed to have no more than 30 grams (about seven teaspoons) of sugar per day. That means that if you're having a mid-morning Crème Egg you'd better be living like a monk for the rest of the day.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Count yourselves lucky Adults, because children can't even have one.

The same guidelines suggest that children aged between 7 and 10 have no more than 24 grams per day, and children aged 4 to 6 only 19 grams.


Imagine trying to separate your child from their Crème Egg after they're approximately three quarters of the way through it. Gross, no thanks.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Bilham told the Sun: "I found the amount of sugar claimed to be in a Creme Egg frightening to be honest. We all know they're full of sugar but actually seeing it in pure form it appears such a lot.

"I have let my son eat them at Easter, but I am conscious of his daily intake anyway and when you see eye opening content like this on social media it does make you stop and think twice.


"However, we are chocolate lovers in our household and won't be stopping eating them completely! Everything in moderation, I think."

There we go! Everything in moderation is the best way to look at this. After all, the guidelines are there for a reason, but they are only guidelines. These are the same people that tell you to only drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week, after all.

It'll never catch on.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Tom Wood
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