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Four lads in jeans statue has been revealed in Birmingham

Four lads in jeans statue has been revealed in Birmingham

The biggest meme of 2020 is back and they've been given a papier-mâché makeover

The 'four lads in jeans' statue has finally been revealed, and let's just say it is a sight to behold. Check it out:

For the uninitiated, a photo of the Birmingham blokes became one of the most meme-able moments of 2020.

It all started when Kevin Rooney, Alex Lacey, Jamie Phillips and Connor Humpage went on a night out in Brummy and decided to have their picture taken outside an All Bar One.

Little did they know that this fateful snap would lead them to online stardom.

People just couldn't get enough of their haircuts, skinny jeans and awkward poses, so much so that they became the subject of hundreds of memes, one of the most popular being a deep fake clip of them singing a sea shanty.

A couple of years on from the viral moment, the lads have now been immortalised in a bronze statue for future generations to enjoy.

The fixture was unveiled at its new home today, 27 August, which is fittingly the All Bar One outside of Grand Central - exactly where the picture was taken.

As for who created this incredible work of art, it's all down to Tat Vision, an artist who specialises in papier-mâché.

As you can see by the snap, their latest creation is no exception, with the artist using the technique to cover four women's mannequins.

We're not entirely sure why they chose women's mannequins, but it turned out great regardless.

Speaking to Birmingham Live about their project, Tat Vision said: "The idea was inspired by the 'Ronaldo statue' and 'Boulton, Watt and Murdoch' near the library.

"I shipped the idea of doing it for the Commonwealth Games, but it was too late.

"Fortunately, I was put in contact with Birmingham Big Weekender and had the go-ahead from them.

"The statue will be there all weekend as part of an event."

Unfortunately the Birmingham Big Weekender only runs until tomorrow, although hopefully someone will give the four bronze lads in jeans a new home.

Especially given the amount of graft it took to make.

"It took me a few weeks, on-and-off, to make. I used four women's mannequins, which I covered in tight-fitting ladies' jeans and tops," added the artist.

"The heads are made from papier-mâché, and all of it was painted to have a nice, shiny bronze effect.

"I'm happy with the way it looks, just the heads to attach. Hope they don't fall off!"

Here's hoping the lads keep their heads for what looks set to be their biggest weekend of the year.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@ichoosemag

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