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'Fortnite' Season Five Server Crash Sees Gamers Flocking To Pornhub

'Fortnite' Season Five Server Crash Sees Gamers Flocking To Pornhub

It seems that when people can't play on 'Fortnite', there's a very popular back-up option



The eagerly anticipated Fortnite Season 5 dropped last week and its launch saw gamers all over the world flooding to the website, causing an epic server crash at around 9pm EST on 12 July.

And while it was no biggie, and everything is now back up and running, it should be noted that while the server was down, searches for Fortnite grot on the Pornhub website rocketed. Not saying the two are necessarily connected, but... well, the maths don't seem too complicated here, do they?

The niche of Fortnite porn is nothing new of course - since the launch of the Battle Royale game in September 2017, searches containing its title have been steadily increasing on Pornhub with thousands of unique searches popping up every day.


But after the servers went down on 12th July, Pornhub revealed that searches containing the game's name went up by a whopping 116 percent, compared to an average day when things are all tickety-boo.

A previous peak for Fortnite porn searches came after much-loved rappers Drake and Travis Scott played the game together and livestreamed their match to fans across the globe.

Since then, Fortnite has remained in the top 20 Pornhub searches, averaging more than 100,000 hits per day.

This sort of trend is actually pretty common for the site - back in May, searches for Avengers-related saucy videos went up by 356 percent, following the release of the hugely successful movie Avengers: Infinity War.

A statement on the website's analytics page said: "Historically, DC characters like Harley Quin, Wonder Woman and Batman are searched more often on Pornhub than Marvel characters, but Avengers and its characters were searched over 6 million times in 2017."

Black Widow was by far the most popular search, which isn't surprising in the slightest considering she's the only female member of the original Avengers crew and she's played by Scarlett Johansson.


The next most popular character is Spider-Man, who appears to be a hit with both the blokes and the ladies. Following behind are Captain America, the Hulk, Black Panther and Scarlet Witch.

So there you go. FILTH.

But maybe you're not here for the Pornhub updates - maybe you've been living under a rock and you're not sure what Fortnite is.

In short, it's a huge online brawl where players jump out of a plane on to an island where they fight each other, eliminating players until there is just one left.


There are weapons dotted around the island and you (the player) must seek them out and arm yourself as you make your way around the area.

Sounds relatively pleasant, no? Well as the match progresses the island gets smaller and smaller, leaving fewer places to hide.

And with 40 million players worldwide, it's a matter of survival of the fittest.

Words by Megan Walsh

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games

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