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Millennials fuming as Gen Z call staple item ‘out of date’

Millennials fuming as Gen Z call staple item ‘out of date’

Carrying this item around will 'age' you, apparently

The internet loves to make fun of Millennials, from Boomers saying we're 'snowflakes' to Gen Z calling us out for being 'cringe.'

But it seems the latter has taken it a bit too far this time as they criticise a staple item in most people's bags and Millennials are not happy about it.

Before we dive in, for those not in the know - Boomers are born between 1946-1964, Millennials between 1981-1996, and Gen Z between 1997-2012.

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Generation Alpha is from 2010 to the present day. Feeling old yet?

Anyway, it all started when mum-of-one Liz June posted a now-viral video on TikTok.

She starts the short clip — which has racked up more than 1.2 million views — by saying: "Millennials, apparently there's a new way that we can age ourselves and it's by having a wallet."

"Apparently Gen Z uses their phone as their wallet, so they have everything on there - their cards, their ID. Is this a thing? Did I miss the memo?"

And there's some weight behind the claim, with fewer and fewer people using cash and smartphones containing everything from your credit card details to your 'Club Pret' membership, there really is little need to carry a cardholder.

She explains that Gen Z use their phones to store all their cards instead.

Many Gen Z women choose to forego the 'dead weight' of a purse and just store essentials such as lip balm and earphones in their bags.

And, they'd much rather replace the bulk of a purse with a portable charger instead.

Unsurprisingly, Millennials had a lot to say about the so-called trend, with more than 3,000 people taking to the comment section of Liz's video.

One person wrote: "Call me old school but what happens when your battery dies?"

Another wondered: "There are stores where I live that don't accept Apple Pay - so how can they pay for things?"

A third said: "It's just I lose things and losing EVERYTHING in one go feels preventable."

And a fourth commented: "Don't listen to their BS. In two years they will all have wallets and act like it's some new must-have accessory that they discovered."

Meanwhile, several other Millennials revealed they don't actually use wallets either.

"I'm 27 and never used a wallet, I just don't like it. I carry my debit card loose in my pocket and rarely take my ID out unless I know I'll need it," one man said.

"I'm 33, I haven't carried a wallet since 2012," commented another.

And a third wrote: "I haven't carried a wallet before. I actually have no idea where any of my physical cards are (do they still send those?). Apple Pay all day."

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