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Eerie 'ghost' hitch-hiker spotted by drive in chilling dashcam footage

Eerie 'ghost' hitch-hiker spotted by drive in chilling dashcam footage

The silhouette of something spooky and ghost-like was spotted by a bit of dashcam footage

A spooky spectral hitchhiker appears to have been caught on a bit of dashcam footage from a driver heading down a notoriously dangerous road.

William Church was driving down State Route 87, also known as the Beeline Highway, in Arizona, US when he spotted a strange figure walking by the side of the road.

With it being about 2:30am local time, it's hard to fathom who might have been walking down the road at such an hour, but Church checked his dashcam footage and it confirmed that there was indeed something by the roadside.

There were no other cars around and seemingly nobody else about, so what might this abnormal apparition be?

Perhaps it's the ghost of a hitchhiker doomed to trudge eternally down the road, never again being picked up and transported closer towards his destination, or perhaps it was some trick of the light from Church's own headlights.

If you think it's a ghost then you wouldn't be the only one, as plenty watching the frightening footage said they knew that part of the road was particularly dangerous and 'incredibly creepy, especially at night'.

What's that thing on the road, is it a ghost?
Fox 10 Phoenix

One person said a traveller down the road 'claimed to have picked up a hitchhiker whose name matched someone who went missing'.

Another was convinced by the idea of this spectral sighting being a ghost, claiming 'it's an apparition of a human' while a third person declared it to be 'definitely a ghost of someone that died a violent death'.

Plenty more were absolutely certain that the late night (or very early morning) driver had managed to capture an otherworldly phenomenon on camera.

However, a few more sceptical voices suggested that the ghostly apparition was probably just some reflected light creating an 'optical illusion'.

People think they can see a pair of ghostly legs trudging down the road.
Fox 10 Phoenix

A supposed ghost hunter recently thought they'd been attacked by an angry, violent spirit while they were in the middle of filming.

Meanwhile, a hiker got scared after he spotted what looked like a ghost walking alongside him but was actually a rare freak weather event.

It turned out to be something called a 'Brocken spectre', which is where a person's shadow is cast onto a cloud with a rainbow around it.

If you stand behind a cloud's upper surface with the sun behind you then your shadow on the cloud will look like there's a spooky ghost stalking your every movement.

Plenty of people say they've managed to see ghosts around in their daily lives, but it's very rare to get such a thing on camera so everyone can have a look.

Featured Image Credit: Fox10 Phoenix

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