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Giant boulder almost crushes woman as it crashes through home out of nowhere

Giant boulder almost crushes woman as it crashes through home out of nowhere

The huge boulder missed the woman by inches

Shocking footage caught the moment a huge boulder ploughed through a family’s home narrowly missing a woman inside.

Footage from inside the house, in Honolulu, Hawaii, showed the unsuspecting woman walking through a hallway when the massive boulder smashes through the wall behind her. You can see the video here:

The five-foot-high, five-foot-wide boulder was moving fast enough to crash straight through the house’s cinder block wall, the living room and then another wall before finally coming to a stop in the bedroom. Somewhat miraculously, no one inside the home was injured in the incident.

Caroline Sasaki, the woman who very narrowly missed getting completely wiped out by the boulder, told KITV: “All I heard was the boom when the glass cracked from the sliding door, so I backed up and I guess it passed right through me.

“I haven’t watched the video, but they said if I took one more step, I probably wouldn’t be here.”

Sasaki, 65, and her family had only moved into the new build home for around a week when the incident happened.

The boulder very nearly hit the woman.

Neighbour Craig Tomita said he was left shaken by the boulder incident, which also resulted in some damage being done to a car.

He told Hawaii News Now: “There was so much adrenaline flowing that it just brought me down for a while.”

Sasaki also confessed to feeling out of sorts due to the smash.

She told KHON2: “Today, I am a little better; but last night, I was very shaken. I really didn’t know what happened except for the loud boom.”

Sasaki questioned if the runaway boulder could have been caused by a nearby housing development.

Miraculously, no one inside the home was hurt.

She said: “We lived in this same location. We just knocked down the old house and rebuilt it; and it’s never happened before, heavy rain and hurricane warnings nothing. So, no rocks ever came down.

“We’ve had some issues with them carving the mountain, and I don’t know if that’s the cause.”

Bingning Li who owns the development has said it's in no way connected to the incident.

Li said: “Not at all, this is from way above, I looked at one of those rocks about 50 feet away from on top of the property and landed over there and then made its way down here.

“So it hit one of the cables that was supposed to stop it and the cable snapped. That took a lot of energy away otherwise this damage would be way more.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/KHON2/@maxrrrod

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