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Girlfriend publicly shames partner over diabolical spelling of holiday destination in Google

Girlfriend publicly shames partner over diabolical spelling of holiday destination in Google

This girl couldn't believe her boyfriend's shocking spelling mistake.

When the person you love makes a spelling mistake so diabolical that it hurts your brain, it's important to respond delicately and politely correct them so as not to embarrass them - or you could go on Twitter and share that mistake with the world so you can all laugh at it together.

Alisha Gibson, 23, had been discussing holiday plans with her boyfriend Scott Clarkson, 26, over lunch when they decided to look into Lanzarote as a possible destination.

Alisha put her boyfriend Scott on blast online when she saw how he he spelled 'Lanzarote'.
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While Alisha got up from the table to pick up their food, she left Scott with her phone to do some research, returning to find that he had typed: 'lands of roti holidays' into Google.

At first Alisha, from Carlisle, Cumbria, was sure that Scott must have done it as a joke, but he admitted that he really didn't know how to spell the Canary island, so he 'sounded it out'. In fairness, you can see how he got there.

"He gave me my phone back and I looked at it and was like 'are you joking?'" she recalled.

"And he's like 'no, what do you mean?' and I asked 'why have you spelt it like that?'"

Insisting that he's normally a good speller, Scott says it was just a 'moment of madness'

As one would in such a situation, Alisha's first instinct was to take a screenshot of the Google search - the results for which included the Indian delicacy 'roti' - and share it to Twitter, where it amassed more than 48,600 likes and retweets.

"I posted it on Twitter to poke a bit of fun at him, in a playful way obviously", said Alisha.

"He saw the funny side to it and tried to play it off like 'I'm not bothered, you knew what I meant'. He's hardly on social media at all and he was a bit embarrassed but he gets on with it."

She recalled: "When I messaged him [after tweet went viral] and was like 'are you ok?' He was like 'oh my God no, I'm hiding. I'm going to move to a different country, I'm too embarrassed'."

Alisha's screenshot of the Google search went viral on Twitter.
Kennedy News & Media

On reflection, after living through the very public humiliation, Scott said: "My only advice is stay in school, kids, and try to find a girlfriend with zero Twitter followers."

Alisha and Scott, who'll be celebrating their seven year anniversary next month, wound up going to Salou in the end - which, luckily for Scott, is a lot easier to spell.

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