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Government Offering People a Whopping €84,000 to Live On Remote Irish Islands

Government Offering People a Whopping €84,000 to Live On Remote Irish Islands

Under the Our Living Islands policy, you could earn up to €84,000 to live on these rural islands to boost population of offshore communities

You may have seen it on your Gaeltacht trips or on the big screen in movies like The Banshees of Inisherin but there is definitely something romantic about that idyllic island life.

While the population on Ireland's remote islands are low, many move there to escape busy towns and cities and the stress of mainland life. Remarkably now, the Irish government scheme is offering to pay people generous amounts of cash to do just that…but there is a catch.

Under the Our Living Islands policy which involves a Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant, you could earn up to €84,000 to live on these rural islands to boost the population of offshore communities.


The plan was launched by the Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys earlier this month on a visit to during a visit to the Árainn Mhór island.

The minister said: “As a result of delivering this policy, we will see more people living on the islands and more people working on our islands, with good career prospects, regardless of where their employer is headquartered.”

She added that “Our aim is to build resilient and sustainable island communities and economies through real and tangible investment and improved supports and services.”

The increased refurbishment grants will come into effect on the 1st of July and will be applied retrospectively to all existing applications.

It is part of the Irish government's National Islands Policy and Action Plan, described as an "ambitious new 10-year policy along with 80-point action plan to support vibrant island communities."


You're probably wondering how can I get this offer, well there's a few hoops that you'll have to jump before you can avail of the scheme. Prospective residents will need to purchase and own a property on one of the islands. The building must have been constructed before 1993 and been vacant for a minimum of two years. There are also rules regarding the use of the cash once granted. The money can be used for building work such as installing insulation, structural improvements and redecoration. If you jump through all the hoops, you could be looking at up to €84,000 to save a property from ruin and transform it into the house of your dreams.

The generosity of the grants has meant the policy has gone viral around the world. The offer was reported on by major US outlets like CNN, Forbes and even Fortune magazine. It didn’t stop there however as it was then picked up by outlets in India, Australia and so many more.

Perhaps when people all over the world watch movies like The Banshees of Inisherin, they can’t imagine being paid to live in such picturesque places but then again…they have likely never faced a Bean an Tí on one of those islands!

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