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Royal viewers hit out at coronation guests for nasty habit while seated at Westminster Abbey

Royal viewers hit out at coronation guests for nasty habit while seated at Westminster Abbey

The great and good have gathered at Westminster Abbey for King Charles III's coronation

The time has almost come for King Charles III to get his hands on the crown.

While thousands have lined the streets of London to catch a glimpse of our monarch on his big day, a select few have actually been invited to the event itself.

Famous faces, and some not so famous, have packed into Westminster Abbey for the long-awaited event.

Viewers watching back home have spent the morning star spotting as celebs entered the church, with the likes of Ant and Dec, Nick Cave, and Katy Perry making an appearance.

But some people watching have been left a little unsettled by a number of guests, who they say have been displaying some pretty poor manners.

Shocking, I know. You'd think on a day like this, when the world is watching, that they'd all be on their best behaviour.

Some guests have been spotted chewing gum at the coronation.

Sadly, however, it looks like some have let their standards slip.

So what could they have been doing that has got people so upset? Well, it looks like some fidgety guests have been spotted chewing gum in the pews.

Taking to social media, one outraged viewer said: "Now I've noticed it I can't stop spotting more and more people sitting in the abbey chewing."

Another remarked: "Chewing gum, really! At the coronation. Not a basketball game."

"Why so many people are chewing gums? Sacrilege :) What happened to British manners? #Coronation" asked a third.

But it's not just the behaviour of some members of the congregation that has baffled people this morning.

The actual guest list has also left some people scratching their heads.

Take Dynamo, for example. He was spotted sitting next to Stereophonics front man Kelly Jones.

One viewer joked: "Heavy that Charles doesn’t have enough mates so had to invite Kelly Jones and Dynamo to his coronation.

"These are the faces of two men that feel very much out of their depth."

People were confused to see Dynamo at the coronation.

Another commented: "I can’t believe Huw Edwards didn’t recognise the world’s greatest magician Dynamo smh."

"How has Dynamo ended up at the #Coronation?" asked a third.

While another added: "Why is Dynamo the magician at the coronation ?? they really had to invite anyone huh."

Despite the jokes, though, there is a very good reason for his inclusion in today's celebrations.

It turns out that he's an ambassador for the Prince's Trust, which helped him in the early days of his career.

Speaking previously about his relationship with the king's charity, Dynamo, real name Steven Frayne, said: "My Grandad inspired me to be a magician and I was desperate to make him proud. That's when I turned to The Prince's Trust.

"They gave me advice, inspiration and a small cash grant to help me build a career. The rest, as they say, is history."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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