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Harrowing 9/11 footage shows World Trade Centre collapse while man is being interviewed by BBC

Harrowing 9/11 footage shows World Trade Centre collapse while man is being interviewed by BBC

The North Tower begins to crumble as he speaks

Tragic footage has emerged of a man being interviewed on 9/11 by the BBC, as the North Tower begins to collapse behind him as he speaks.

The video, uploaded to TikTok by @official911homepage, which has over 41K followers, was uploaded yesterday and has since been viewed over 215K times.

It shows BBC footage of a man with a British accent being interviewed in New York City in what he seems to believe to be the aftermath of the World Trade Center chaos.

"Somebody said that they saw an airliner go into one of those towers," he says.

"Then an hour later we had that other big explosion from much, much lower, I don't know what on earth caused that.

The man seems to think the incident is over.
TikTok/ @official911homepage / BBC

"The thing that strikes me is the terribleness of the incident, whatever the cause... the hugeness, so huge in fact that many of the people around simply can't understand what has happened."

The crowd surrounding him the screams and someone shouts 'Look it's going!', as the interviewee ducks for cover, before turning around to see what the commotion is about.

Then the camera pans upwards to capture the iconic, yet harrowing image of the North Tower appearing to crumble floor by floor.

People are then heard crying 'Oh my god,' in obvious shock, before shouts turn to 'We've got to go!'

As some turn to flee, others are captivated by the horrific and, what would ultimately prove to be historic, scenes unfolding in real time before their eyes.

He then cowers realising that the tower is collapsing
TikTok/ @official911homepage/ BBC

This unearthed footage has come to light just a couple of months after an interview of a man who survived the 9/11 attacks described his incredible survival story in a powerful interview.

Pasquale Buzzelli spoke to internet personality, Joe Budden, about 'surfing' down 22 stories as the building collapsed on a slab of concrete.

He recalls feeling the structure drop several feet as he rode the elevator up.

He called his wife, Louise, and asked her to turn the TV on to see what was wrong.

Louise was horrified when she saw reports about a plane flying into the North Tower.

Buzzelli attempted to escape through a stairwell.

By the time they reached the 22nd floor, the building had started to rumble and shake and a 'tremendous pounding noise' he compared to the sound of a freight train.

Some are unable to turn away from the carnage.
TikTok/ @official911homepage/ BBC

Buzzelli made a leap of faith, explaining: “I look back and I dove from basically the middle of [the] stairs.

"I just took a couple of steps and I jumped and I landed on that intermittent platform landing and I just put myself right into the corner and I curled up and tried to make myself as small as possible in the corner there thinking whatever’s falling through, there was nothing to protect me other than the floor below me and the two walls that I can get into a corner on, so I just kind of curled up.

“I had nowhere to run.”

Buzzelli lost 14 colleagues who were with him when the tower collapsed, and described feeling guilty after he made it out with a broken leg and ankle.

The horrendous terrorist attacks in claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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