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Correct way to wipe after it's revealed doing it wrong can lead to health risks

Correct way to wipe after it's revealed doing it wrong can lead to health risks

There's some things you should be aware of

You probably think that by this point in your life you’ve successfully mastered how to wipe your a**e but you could be wrong - and if you are wiping incorrectly it could have an impact on your health.

It’s probably not something you give much thought to, but improper wiping could lead to a nasty urinary tract infection (UTI), irritation or rashes.

Firstly, when it comes to wiping - make sure you always wipe front to back. This is especially important if you have a vagina, as you want to make sure that none of the bacteria from your bum is dragged to your urethra, which can cause a UTI.

Gynaecologist Alyssa Dweck told Health: "There are far more bacteria in the rectal area; that's why you want to avoid dragging the toilet paper in the other direction toward your urethra.

"Bringing this bacteria up [towards the] front can contribute to a urinary tract infection (UTI).”

Explaining how to do this, gastroenterologist Monica S. Borkar told the publication ‘reach either behind you or between your legs, if that's easier’.

She also recommends making sure you do a very thorough job, adding: “Always take your time with these techniques; this is one of the most important things you can do for your health on a daily basis.”

Choosing the correct loo roll is important.
Pexels/Vie Studio

Whether you sit or stand, doesn’t matter - or so the experts say - so just do whichever feels more comfortable.

Another thing to be aware of when it comes to wiping is to ensure you’re using the correct toilet paper.

According to Health, you should opt for ‘soft, white toilet paper that hasn't been dyed and isn't scented’ as anything that is scratchy or scented can cause irritation.

On a similar note, don’t scrub your bum when wiping - particularly if you have haemorrhoids as this can cause irritation.

And, while it may sound obvious, make sure that you use enough toilet paper to do the job properly.

Experts have shared tips on how to wipe correctly.
Pixabay/Anna Lisa

Martin Richards, Director of Hygienic Technology Experts at SMARTi Environmental told the Sun: "If you’re using toilet roll efficiently, the average person should only need 10 sheets per visit to the loo.

"Obviously, this can depend widely on whether it’s a number one or number two, but essentially try not to wrap yarns of toilet roll round your hand to use as this can be a waste.”

Not using enough can mean that your butt isn’t properly cleaned, which again can cause itching and irritation.

Featured Image Credit: Sorapop via Getty / Pixabay

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