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First Dates barman Merlin says he ignored first symptom before cancer diagnosis

First Dates barman Merlin says he ignored first symptom before cancer diagnosis

The 48-year-old received the all-clear from bowel cancer earlier this year.

First Dates barman Merlin Griffiths says he ignored the chilling first symptom of bowel cancer, just before he was diagnosed.

The Channel 4 reality star was diagnosed with bowel cancer back in 2021.

The 48-year-old was forced to have surgery to remove his Stage Three tumour last year.

Thankfully, in June of this year, Griffiths revealed he'd been given the all-clear after 18 months of intensive treatments and surgeries.

He shared the news with fans.

Taking to Instagram, Griffiths shared a screenshot of the email from his doctor, which read: "Hi Merlin,

"Hope you are well. Your CT scan has just come through. All looks good, there are no signs of any reoccurrence. Hope this is reassuring."

"Final Year 1 scan results are in, and it's ALL CLEAR for now. Nice. Thank you #NHS #bowelcancerawareness," he wrote in the caption.

In an interview with the Express this week, Griffiths opened up about how he initially hesitated to book a doctor's appointment.

"There is still a certain amount of classic British reserve in the way that we deal with a lot of health issues," he said.

"And this one is particularly – it is in that area, isn't it?

"Because it's bowel cancer and in my case it was rectal cancer.

"So yeah, I've got to talk about a***s. I've got to talk about poo.

"I've got to talk about bowel habits, so on and so forth. You have to normalise this."

Merlin Griffiths shared the good news on Instagram.
Instagram/ @merlinfdc4

According to the NHS, the three main symptoms of bowel cancer are blood in the stools (faeces), changes in bowel habit – such as more frequent, looser stools – and abdominal (tummy) pain.

"However, these symptoms are very common and most people with them do not have bowel cancer," the health service noted.

"For example, blood in the stools is more often caused by haemorrhoids (piles), and a change in bowel habit or abdominal pain is usually the result of something you have eaten.

"As almost 9 out of 10 people with bowel cancer are over the age of 60, these symptoms are more important as people get older.

"They are also more significant when they persist despite simple treatments.

"The symptoms of bowel cancer can be subtle and don’t necessarily make you feel ill."

If symptoms persist you should see your GP immediately.

"As with most types of cancer, the chances of a complete cure depends on how far it has advanced by the time it is diagnosed," they added.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @merlinfdc4 / Channel 4

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