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Adult star Jenna Jameson escaped hospital and treated herself after being given a year to live

Adult star Jenna Jameson escaped hospital and treated herself after being given a year to live

Jameson took matters into her own hands after spending nine months in a hospital bed

Former adult film star Jenna Jameson revealed how she once escaped from hospital after being given between just six months and a year to live.

In 2022, Jameson was left unable to walk after a mystery illness saw her suffer from 'extreme muscle weakness'.

"It started very suddenly," the 49-year-old told Entertainment Tonight last year.

"I was doing very well, and then I just started collapsing and lost my ability to walk … they admitted me into the hospital. I think I spent about nine months in the hospital."

Doctors initially believed that she was suffering from Guillain-Barré syndrome, but tests confirmed this was not the case.

Jameson was then told that she had just six months to a year to live.

"When I was first told that I didn't have very long to live, I think I just balled up," she confessed. "I didn't really know how to digest that."

But the 'Queen of Porn' soon took matters into her own hands.

After spending months without a diagnosis or any relief from her symptoms, she decided to escape from the confines of her hospital bed.

"I finally got to the point where I was like, 'I have to take my health into my own hands,' so I put myself in a wheelchair and I wheeled myself out of the hospital," she said.

"I ended up just taking everything into my own hands and making it happen. I knew that I still had so much life left to live."

Jenna Jameson was left wheelchair-bound after a mystery illness gave her 'extreme muscle weakness.'

After leaving the hospital, Jameson decided to take a more holistic approach to her health, maintaining a healthy diet and seeking out therapy.

"I was having a lot of memory issues and I lost years and years and years of my life, so I started going to a cognitive therapist that puts you through puzzles and all these things, and everything just started reconnecting," she shared.

"I feel myself coming back to life when I eat correctly, keto wise. I feel energetic."

While Jameson's reps told Fox News Digital that the adult star '100 percent better,' they do say that her holistic approach has 'greatly helped.'

Earlier this week, she shared a new health update with her fans on Instagram, showing off the incredible progress she has made during her mission to 'get her life back.'

After nine months in hospital, Jenna broke out and started to take a more holistic approach to her health.

Fans couldn't believe the drastic difference in her appearance from an image from 2022, where she is seen clutching onto a walking frame, to a newer snap in which she confidently strikes a pose.

In the post's caption, Jameson wrote: "I lost the ability to walk over a year ago and thought I was done.

"I fought my way back and I’m steadily trying to become a better human on the outside, but more importantly on the inside.

"On this new moon, today, I am manifesting kindness. Love. Happiness. Join me."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jennacantlose

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