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The longest penis sizes around the world revealed in interactive map

The longest penis sizes around the world revealed in interactive map

The results are not what you might think...

An new interactive map has come to light online, and it's something that will answer a lot of questions.

The map, courtesy of, actually details the average erect penis sizes in countries across the world, revealing which countries sit at the top of the list, and which of those sit at the bottom.

It makes for a very interesting reading, and the UK is not where you might expect it to be.

The list is quite interesting.
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Where do the UK and US sit?

That's right, both the UK and the US aren't even in the top 10 - in fact, they're not even in the top 50. Yikes.

It must be said, only 90 countries provided data, with certain countries such as Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and several African countries among others not having any data.

But in this list, America sit at 60th place with a size of 5.4 inches, with the UK coming in 68th place with a respectable size of 5.2 inches, meaning that sadly, our neighbours across the pond take this one.

Who's top and bottom, though?

Well, Ecuador take the cake with being the biggest on this interactive map, with a size of 6.93 inches, yes on average men have almost seven inches worth of package to deal with.

Unfortunately, Cambodia sit at the bottom of the list with a size of 3.95 inches, with the range sitting at almost three inches in total.

A lot of men are interested with penis size measurements.
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Other notable mentions are Australia with an average size of 5.7 inches, and if we go across to our European counterparts, Netherlands are at the top of the continent with 6.25 inches, sitting at 9th overall, France sit at 11th with 6.2 inches and Italy come third with 6.04 inches.

England aren't rock bottom though, with that title going to Romania, who have an average size of 5.02 inches.

Other countries that make up the smallest average size list are Myanmar with 4.21 inches, Philippines with 4.27 inches and Sri Lanka with 4.29 to say a few.

But if you want the comprehensive top 10s, see below:

World's largest average penis sizes (in inches)

  1. Ecuador - 6.93
  2. Cameroon - 6.56
  3. Bolivia - 6.5
  4. Sudan - 6.48
  5. Haiti - 6.3
  6. Senegal - 6.26
  7. Gambia - 6.25
  8. Cuba - 6.25
  9. Netherlands - 6.25
  10. Zambia - 6.21
Your country may not be where you think.
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World's smallest average penis sizes (in inches)

  1. Cambodia - 3.95
  2. Myanmar - 4.21
  3. Philippines - 4.27
  4. Sri Lanka - 4.29
  5. Hong Kong - 4.41
  6. Bangladesh - 4.41
  7. Thailand - 4.51
  8. Vietnam - 4.52
  9. Malaysia - 4.52
  10. Singapore - 4.54

So, there you have it!

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