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‘Military proven technique’ promises to have you fall asleep in two minutes

‘Military proven technique’ promises to have you fall asleep in two minutes

He believes this trick is great for when you can't drift off.

Some of us have an easier time falling to sleep than others. In fact, sometimes, sleep seems impossible when you're unable to turn your brain off.

But thankfully, one YouTuber has shared the solution to drifting off to the land of nod in just two minutes.

Justin Agustin, a specialist in exercise therapy and a fitness coach, believes that this military-grade sleep technique will work anywhere, any time.

So, whether you've got a big day ahead, or you just want to avoid feeling sluggish in the morning, you'll want to give this hack a try next time you're in need of some Z's and fast.

Justin shared the hack video with his 1.9 million TikTok followers, where he said: “There’s actually a military-proven technique to fall asleep in two minutes after closing your eyes. It’s mind-blowing.”

The technique is designed to give soldiers the vital rest that they need during all kinds of stressful conditions.

Justin Agustin shared the sleep hack with his TikTok following.

He continued, explaining: “According to my research, this was developed mainly for fighter pilots, who need 100% of their reflexes and focus, which we know decreases with lack of sleep.”

First, those looking to sleep should lie down and get comfortable. It seems obvious, but that's not even step one.

"First you need to calm your body and systematically relax and shut down each part of your body from head to toe, literally," Justin went on.

"Start by relaxing the muscles in your forehead. Relax your eyes, your cheeks, and your jaw, and focus on your breathing.

"Now go down to your neck and shoulders. Make sure your shoulders are not tensed up. Drop them as low as you can."

This hack is great for those who struggle to sleep.
Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

After that, Justin says to keep your arms, hands and fingers loose at your side and 'imagine this warm sensation going from your head all the way down to your fingertips'.

"Now take a deep breath and slowly exhale, relaxing your chest, your stomach, down to your thighs, knees, legs and feet. Again, imagine the warm sensation going all the way down to your toes."

Justin said that, all the while, you should try and clear your mind from stress by thinking of two scenarios.

"You’re laying in a canoe on a calm lake with nothing but clear blue sky above you. Or, you’re laying in a black velvet hammock in a pitch-black room."

Practicing this every night for six weeks should help you master the technique.

After that, you should be able to sleep in two minutes after closing your eyes.

TikTok users have taken to the comments to share their opinions, with one writing: "My mom taught me this and I taught my children."

While another said: “I’m a military brat and was taught this. I also had a veteran as a psychology teacher in college who taught this. It definitely works.”

Happy sleeping!

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