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Hyundai drives over £250k Lamborghini in bizarre collision at junction

Hyundai drives over £250k Lamborghini in bizarre collision at junction

The cars smashed into one another on a busy road in Leeds

Incredible footage has been released showing the moment a car crashes into a £250,000 Lamborghini. See how it happened:

The supercar was travelling through Leeds when it was hit at a junction at around 10.24am yesterday (11 August).

In the clip, which has been shared on social media, the Lamborghini Huracan Performante is seen heading down a fairly busy road.

Seconds later, a blue Hyundai then leaves a junction to turn right.

However, instead of waiting for the expensive motor to pass by, it smashes right into it, driving over the bonnet and getting stuck on top.

Ben Lack

In photographs take of the incident, the front wheel arch of the Hyundai is completely crushed, with its wheels hanging over either side of the luxury car.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured in the collision, however, the Lamborghini had certainly seen better days, there's no doubt about that.

Speaking about the incident, a spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: "Police were called to a road traffic collision involving a Lamborghini and a Hyundai at the junction of Whitehall Road and Dixon Lane in Leeds.

Ben Lack

"There were no serious injuries."

This comes after dramatic footage from a crash in Australia emerged and had people unsure as to who was at fault.

The dashcam footage was sent into Dash Cam Owners Australia by someone saying they'd been caught in a 'defensive driving fail on my way to work'.

Apparently the motorway crash happened when the recording driver said a 'lady in a Fiat 500 merged into me', but plenty of others didn't see it quite that way.

The motorway smash happened on the Yarra Glen road in Canberra, Australia, on 14 June, with all initially seeming well with the world besides a hint of overcast weather.

The Fiat is sent spinning off the motorway after the crash.
Dash Cam Owners Australia

However, trouble strikes when another driver behind the wheel of a Fiat 500 wants to merge into the left-hand lane that our dashcam-equipped car is on.

The two cars collide, with the Fiat sent spinning off the road – which is actually somewhat fortunate, as it's better to crash off the road than spin out on the motorway.

The clip left people divided over who was in the wrong.

In one camp were the people who thought the Fiat driver was to blame for merging into a lane when there wasn't space to do so.

People couldn't decide who was at fault for causing the crash.
Dash Cam Owners Australia

When the Fiat tries to move into the left-hand lane, it drives directly into the path of the dashcam owner's car, which pushes into its back wheel and sends it spinning off the road in what is admittedly a pretty well-executed PIT manoeuvre, even if it is by accident.

In the other camp, however, were those who though the dashcam owner should have slowed down and made space for the Fiat driver once it became clear they were intending to merge.

The driver who filmed the crash doesn't apply the brakes when Fiat starts merging lanes, instead deciding to honk the horn as a warning.

Featured Image Credit: Ben Lack

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