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Innocent Bumblebee Tattoo Has Everyone In Hysterics

Innocent Bumblebee Tattoo Has Everyone In Hysterics

The woman said she 'couldn't unsee it' after people pointed out what it looks like

Picking the right tattoo is always a difficult - and very risky - decision to make. One false move and you're scarred for life.

A woman found out the hard way recently just how differently seemingly innocent designs can be interpreted.

She was set to be a bridesmaid at her twin sister's wedding and posted a photo of her oversized wedding shoes to a group on Facebook.

But rather than the footwear, most people were quite taken aback by the tattoo of a little bumblebee she had on her ankle.

On the face of it, this shouldn't have been the cause of any kind of embarrassment, but on closer inspection, some noted that it looked a touch rude.

Commenting on the post, one user said the bee's wings resembled something closer to a pair of 'dog's danglies'.

Another chipped in: "How does that bee fly with the size of those balls? Proper good belly laugh."

The bridesmaid was surprised by the comments.
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"I mean, I feel awful that I first saw a bee with no eye or wings but huge sorry," put another.

The woman in question didn't take it to heart, though, laughing off the comparisons.

She wrote: "Now I can't unsee it...I've got a bee scrotum on my goddamn ankle.

"I've been having an awful few days and you guys have cheered my right up."

The bridesmaid went on to explain that she and a colleague on an ICU ward got the matching tats after working with each other during the pandemic.

The pair got the word 'reyt' written above it, which was a reference to a joke they shared.

She explained that when things started to became quite intense, they would say 'it'll be reyt'.

"Me and my peer that I didn't know well were both pretty terrified and assumed the other one was smashing it," she said.

Some people noticed something a little off about the bumblebees.
Facebook/Family lockdown tips and ideas

"It became our motto/mantra during that placement when the s*** hit the fan, so we got matching tattoos before or third placement together as we were going on an acute unit during the omicron wave!"

She can at least rest in the knowledge that there have been many, many others who have had far worse tattoos in the past.

Take Bekah Milly, for example, who posted the clip on TikTok (bekah.milly) alongside the caption: "When someone says your new tattoo looks like a girl eating a$s."


The design she intended to show was of her innocently hugging her guardian angels.

But instead, some have said that the inking, in the middle of her upper back, looks more like a woman in a rather compromising position. As a result, people have said they 'can't unsee' the more X-rated perspective.

So yeah, it could have been worse.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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