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Ex-Drug Addict Shares Before And After Pictures Of His Remarkable Recovery

Ex-Drug Addict Shares Before And After Pictures Of His Remarkable Recovery

Travis Robinson decided to make a change, and make it stick

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A recovered drug addict who now works as an essential worker in Southern California has shared pictures showing himself at his lowest to demonstrate the remarkable change he's made in his life.

Travis Robinson decided that he needed to kick his addiction to opiates and benzodiazepines when he saw his friends racing ahead of him in life.

That gave him the courage to head for rehab and start his inspiring journey.

In a recent interview with LADbible, he explained: "I wanted to get sober because I wasn't doing anything with my life, just sitting in my bedroom at my grandma's house not having to pay rent or really have any responsibilities.

Travis Robinson

"Once I saw all my friends my age starting to graduate college and stuff like that, it made me feel like a loser, so i needed to change.

"I put myself in rehab in San Juan Capistrano for about a year and a half, and I just haven't touched the drugs since.

"The sober journey is extremely rough, the withdrawals made me feel like I was going to die and I wanted to leave rehab for about the first six months.

"I was so against staying there, I just wanted to go home and do it myself, but at the time I was not capable of doing that."

Travis Robinson

"So, I listened to my counsellors in rehab and stayed."

More than 700 days later, he's glad that he stuck it out. Although difficult, rehab offered Travis a second chance at life, and the opportunity to turn his fortunes around, which he's taken with both hands.

Travis Robinson

He continued: ""My life today is pretty good. I'd say i have a 'normal' life now, I work six days a week and pay my bills and talk with friends and stream on Twitch

"I do environmental work, ground water remediation, rain water treatment, and air and water filtration for like hospitals, schools, small businesses etc.

"I didn't start to notice a positive change in my life until i just let go of my wants and needs and got a mentor that had significant sober time, and listened to everything they told me to do.

"The best advice they ever gave me was: 'You know nothing. You've never been sober before. So take a second to think that maybe someone knows more than you do about this.' I know that might sound harsh and mean, but it's all tough love.

"Because if they didn't care about me, they wouldn't take time out of their day to help me."

Travis Robinson

This has also given him the belief that he can make a change and help others, too. He does this through his job, but also by sharing his story with the world in the hope that it might inspire someone else in his type of situation to make the leap.

He concluded: "Helping others is huge.

"It's kind of a known fact that most addicts are self-absorbed and extremely selfish, it's just what the disease does to a person, but if you're helping others then that means in that moment you are thinking of someone else other than yourself."

Featured Image Credit: Travis Robinson

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