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200m Skyscraper With A 360-Degree Infinity Pool To Be Built In London

200m Skyscraper With A 360-Degree Infinity Pool To Be Built In London

The 600,000 litre pool is to be built by West Sussex based company Compass Pools

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

The world's first ever 360-degree infinity pool is to be installed atop a gigantic skyscraper in London.

If that sounds a little bit strange, you're not alone there. First off, how many days of the year can you use that in the UK? Secondly, does anyone really want to swim on the roof of a building with the threat of a 55-storey plunge at the turn of every length?

Well, the firm that plans to install the pool at the top of a new 200m tall building reckons that this is exactly what people want.

Fair enough, we'll see.

Compass Pools

The huge 600,000 litre pool is to be built by West Sussex based company Compass Pools and - in their defence - it does look pretty damn cool. The views would be second to none, if a little bit terrifying.

The infinity pool will sit at the summit of the building - aptly called Infinity London - and will be made from acrylic plastic rather than glass.

This is because, we're told, the material 'transmits light' at almost the same wavelength as water, giving you that real feeling that you're just doggy-paddling around in a 360 rectangle of water.

So, what are the logistics of it? How would you even get into that pool? Just having a set of regular pool steps at the side sounds dangerous and would probably shatter the illusion somewhat.

Don't worry, they've thought of that.

Compass Pools

Using a design based on a submarine door, anyone wanting to get in or out of the pool will do so using a rotating spiral staircase that will emerge from the bottom of the pool.

They've left no stone unturned, these guys.

On top of that, they plan to install a technologically advanced system to ensure that - despite being outside - the pool stays at a lovely temperature. Oh, and to stop water blowing down 722ft onto the heads of anyone below.

As well as all of these features, the bottom of the pool is to be completely transparent as well, meaning that - should you so desire - you can observe the swimmers above your head, too.

Compass Pools

Hey, it's going to be eco-friendly, though. The whole heating system will use waste energy from the building.

Compass Pools' technical director Alex Kemsley told the Daily Mail: "Architects often come to us to design rooftop infinity pools, but rarely do we get a say in the building design because the pool is usually an afterthought.

"But on this project, we actually started with the pool design and essentially said, 'how do we put a building underneath this?'.

"When we designed the pool, we wanted an uninterrupted view, both above and below the water.

"Swimming in the SkyPool at The Shard, it's quite a weird feeling to have helicopters flying past at your level, but this pool takes it a step further."

He continued: "Pop your goggles on and with a 360-degree view of London from 220m up, it really will be something else - but it's definitely not one for the acrophobic.

"We faced some quite major technical challenges to this building, the biggest one being how to actually get into the pool.

"Normally a simple ladder would suffice, but we didn't want stairs on the outside of the building or in the pool as it would spoil the view - and obviously you don't want 600,000 litres of water draining through the building either.

"The solution is based on the door of a submarine, coupled with a rotating spiral staircase which rises from the pool floor when someone wants to get in or out - the absolute cutting edge of swimming pool and building design and a little bit James Bond to boot."

If everything goes to plan, construction could start on this bizarre, but interesting, project next year.

Featured Image Credit: Compass Pools

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