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'Hottest Gran In The World' Reveals She's Just Turned 40 Years Old

'Hottest Gran In The World' Reveals She's Just Turned 40 Years Old

Alice Vasquez says that she still feels as if she's in her prime

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A woman who calls herself the 'hottest gran in the world' has shocked her followers by announcing that she has just celebrated her 40th birthday.

Californian yoga teacher Alice Vasquez had her first child aged 16, so she is a young grandmother by anyone's standards, but most of the shock seems to be that she's even close to 40 given how young she looks.

Well, she is. Despite entering her fifth decade, Alice insists that she's still enjoying the prime of her life.


She told Star Online: "My 20s were a blur of young minded wild times and of course, consumed by being a young mummy, I was always on the go. Non-stop.

"I don't even think I had a moment to think about my life. I was in survival mode."

Vasquez announced that she was celebrating the milestone birthday to her hordes of online followers. She told her 13,000 Instagram followers that she'd hit the big four-oh with the hashtag #Fab40.

Naturally, her followers responded by suggesting that she doesn't look her age, but most of them also wished her many happy returns as well.


She certainly celebrated in style, too.

Alice spent her birthday celebrations in the US party capital of Las Vegas, where she enjoyed a pool party, went out nightclubbing, and even went to the famous strip joint Spearmint Rhino.

She claims that she is 'not your average 40-year-old' which is demonstrably true, but she also says that she also wants to inspire women of the same age that they 'don't have to hide behind feeling older'.

The trip to the strip club was supposed to 'support all of the single mums that dance for a living'.

That's nice, then.


While she's away partying, her son is looking after her three granddaughters, which frees up the weekend for her daughter Kayla to join her for the knees-up. Her daughter also fell pregnant at 16 years of age.

Over the years, Alice has kept herself looking youthful by spending $60,000 (£45,000) on surgery to maintain her looks.


She once told website Fabulous Digital: "Young guys call me GILF, which means 'grandma I'd like to fuck', and 'hot grandma',

"They think I'm a similar age to them. So they are so shocked when they learn I am 39.

"When they found out I'm a grandmother as well they are even more shocked."

Whatever keeps you healthy and happy, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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