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Man Avoids Arrest After Seagull Steals His Weed

Simon Catling

| Last updated 

Man Avoids Arrest After Seagull Steals His Weed

A man from Sweden has managed to evade arrest, and possible imprisonment, after a cheeky seagull stole his stash of weed.

The bizarre theft occurred just moments before two plain clothes officers closed in on the man to make the arrest; slapping him with a charge that could have proven serious.

The officers had been on patrol at the Gothenburg Cultural Festival, when they noticed a woman smoking marijuana. This is regarded to be a serious offence in Sweden, with possible medicinal benefits dismissed by the Swedish government.

Why seagull, why? Credit: PA
Why seagull, why? Credit: PA

As reported by The Leaf Desk, a man plonked on a nearby bench witnessed the officers and began to worry about his own recreational activities. He chucked a bag of weed away from him, but was unfortunately spotted by the eagle-eyed officers.

Turning their attention away from the woman with the joint, the officers headed towards the man who was no doubt racking his brains for a daring escape plan.

It's not too hard to imagine the panic the unnamed man felt as the officers strode towards him. Sweden has some of the harshest drug laws on the planet, with heavy fines and six-month prison sentences dished out for the possession of a single joint.

Luckily for this man, his guardian angel was keeping an eye out for him. Albeit an angel with scruffy wings and a less than heavenly singing voice.


As one of the officers reached down to grab the bag, a punk rock seagull with an apparent disdain for the law swooped down and snatched up the bag in his beak.

According to The Leaf Desk, a Gothenburg police spokesperson has revealed the 'highly experienced' officers had estimated the bag to contain around 10 grams of weed.

The spokesperson revealed the man had legged it while the officers watched the bird take off with the evidence:

"What the policemen did not expect was that a third party would interfere,

There were also a large number of seagulls at the site, one of them saw his chance and picked up the bag and lifted quickly with the 'booty'.

As quickly as the seagull disappeared, so did the man who threw the bag away. The policemen stood and watched the evidence disappear into the sky".

Unfortunately for the woman with the joint, there were apparently no other chip butty fiends in the area willing to lend a beak.

She was arrested for use and possession, with the spokesperson describing her arrest as 'a patch over the wound'.

Featured Image Credit: The Leaf Desk

Simon Catling
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