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New Dating App Thursday Only Works For One Day Of The Week

New Dating App Thursday Only Works For One Day Of The Week

It will be launched in London and New York next month

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

Dating apps can be tiresome at best. But one company is hoping to put an end to the cycle of deleting and re-downloading a few weeks later with new app Thursday.

Hoping to blow the likes of Bumble, Tinder and Hinge out of the water, the new dating site only lets you go on it once a week, on - wait for it - Thursdays. The founders hope to take the pressure off dating, making it less about finding 'the one' and more about enjoying the journey of being single and meeting new people.

The app launches next month in London and New York, with more than 94,000 people already signed up. It will then be launching in Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Dublin at some point in May.

One of the co-founders confirmed to LADbible: "We're simultaneously launching the app with London and NYC in April. Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris will be live by the end of June."


Users of the new app are asked to only go on the app on Thursday morning if they're free that evening.

With lockdown nearing an end, it will give singletons much more scope for dates, other than the elusive 'socially distanced coffee in the park'.

With Thursday, the idea is that you match, chat and meet all in the same day - which may pose problems for those that like to take a bit longer to get to know somebody before they give up a night of the week for them.

But it also means those who aren't into chatting can get rid of their passive-aggressive bios - nobody likes them.

The creators of the app told The Mirror: "The paradox of choice is affecting how many dates actually happen. We match for the sake of matching."

The two co-creators, who want to remain anonymous, want the app to change the way people think of dating and to cut out the likelihood of 'ghosting'.

They added: "The goal is to get someone who is single going on one date a week. We want to get to a point where dating isn't a big deal.


"It makes dating exciting again. I think single people need to be spontaneous. We're encouraging people to match, chat and meet on the same day.

"It's a very straight forward idea. It's for your professionals who are time poor.

"We're cutting out the small talk."

The app is similar to other popular ones - you pick your best pictures and say something witty/hilarious about yourself to attract a match.

It's different in that it offers a 'stories' option, which lets users upload videos that stay for 24 hours.

But, as an incentive to meet up, all matches and conversations disappear at midnight on Thursdays, so you have to act quick and make sure you meet up, or you may miss out on meeting the love of your life.

You'll need to be invited to sign up and members will need to be verified by a passport or driving licence, and there are ways to report anyone you think is a bit dodgy.

You can keep an eye out for the launch date via the official Instagram.

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