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New Study Investigates If Size Really Does Matter In The Bedroom

New Study Investigates If Size Really Does Matter In The Bedroom

Researchers have set about answering the age-old question

A new study has looked at whether size really matters or not in the bedroom.

You may have heard the saying 'it's not the size, but what you do with it' - well, this study tested that theory to see if it's true.

Researchers from King's College London enlisted the help of 12 couples and gave the males a variety of different sized silicon rings, which were to be placed at the base of their erect penis to shorten its length.

The rings used in the study.

The rings were designed to either make no difference to the man's length or to shorten it by one inch, one-and-a-half inches or two inches.

The couples then got down to it and the female partner - who wasn't aware of what size ring her fella was using - rated the encounter on a scale of 0 to 100 for overall sexual pleasure and emotional connection to her other half.

David Veale, the study's lead author, told The Times: "We started with the premise that depth of penetration would not matter to most women.

"We found that reducing the depth of penetration by an inch led to a statistically meaningful drop in the amount of pleasure experienced.

"The longer the erect penis, the less likely the rings had an impact on sexual pleasure. There was, however, a range of individual responses with a minority of women reporting that reducing the depth of penetration was more pleasurable on some occasions."

However, the study's authors say its findings cannot be applied to average fellas who are concerned about the size of their penises, with Veale explaining that the study was more relevant to men who had experienced shortening of their penises due to health conditions.


The paper states: "Our results should not be misinterpreted as meaning that increasing penile length will increase sexual pleasure in women.

"They are also not generalisable to men who are not in a sexual relationship and fear being rejected as there are other determinants in such scenarios other than penis length."

Veale went on to say that efforts to find out if increased penis size in average guys led to increased sexual pleasure 'would be a completely different study'. Fair enough.

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