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Most Common Bedroom Injuries By Region Revealed In New UK Study

Most Common Bedroom Injuries By Region Revealed In New UK Study

You might be surprised by the region that experienced the most A&E crises

The most common body part injured during adult bedroom activities in London is the legs, according to a new study published today.

Bed company Bed Guru's research also discovered doggy style was British men's favourite sex position.

The research surveyed 2,000 adults in the UK to find out more about common sex injuries and broke them down into different regions of the body and country.

Results show women are at a higher risk of injury to the back, legs, and head in the bedroom, with those in a relationship or living with a partner being at the highest risk.


Men, on the other hand, are twice as likely to injure their penises and fingers than women, although the penises part fails to surprise us...

And those nether regions are men's biggest vulnerability, being the place most likely to suffer an injury while in bed.

When it comes to the different regions of the UK, those in the North East seem to be risking the most danger while doing the naughty naughty.

North-Easters are four-times more likely to injure their torsos than any other region in the UK.

And while we can't draw an exact conclusion as to why that's the case, missionary is the region's favourite position, according to the survey.

A Bed Guru spokesperson said: "Whilst a seemingly unsuspecting position, if you’re on the bottom you could be crushed by the other person or receive an accidental elbow jab to the ribs."

The full list of most common injuries per region are as follows:


Head - East of England and North West

Nether regions – South West and London

Torso – North East

Back – North West

Hands – East Midlands, Scotland and Wales

Arms – South West

Legs – London

Wrists – North East and Wales

Fingers – North East

Neck – North West and North East

Other – Northern Ireland

According to a 2020 YouGov study, people in their late 20s are the most likely to have sex multiple times per week.

They go on more nights out, are single more often, and tend to go through more sexual partners because sex is less of a taboo for that age group.

The good news is that 33% of those aged over 50 said they're having the best sex of their lives since turning 45, suggesting it gets better with age, even if there's less of it to go round.


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