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Sex Expert Reveals Four Words You Should Say In Bed

Sex Expert Reveals Four Words You Should Say In Bed

Dr Emily Morse believes that communication is key both in and out of the bedroom

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A sex expert has shared the four words you should say to your partner while you're getting down to business that will improve the experience for everyone.

While you'll no doubt have your own suggestions - and please, let us know - this suggestion is nice and simple, and will make everything better for all involved.

The phrase is simply 'do you like this?'

Yes, it seems pretty self-explanatory, but asking your partner if they're into it is courteous and helpful, and also allows you to gain a better understanding.

Don't just take our word for it, though.

Sex expert Dr Emily Morse knows a thing or two about this sort of stuff, and she believes that this sort of communication is key if we're to have as healthy a sex life as possible.


She's a Doctor of Human Sexuality, too. That means that she's more than qualified to hand out this sort of vital information.

Speaking on Instagram, where she has nearly 400,000 followers, Morse said: "In my opinion, one of the hottest things ever is when a partner asks, 'Do you like this?'"

It's great, because it allows your partner to tell you if they're into whatever it is you might be doing, as well as offering them the chance to tell you if there is a way that the experience could be improved.

Everyone's happy!

It can also help you outside of the bedroom too, apparently.

Doctor Morse added: "Some of us expect our partners to intuitively KNOW our sexual wants, but that's rarely possible.

"Checking in during sex and letting your partner know when they're doing something right leads to more pleasure, a deeper connection and better communication in other areas of your life.

"It's the key to sexual success."


Since it was shared, the post has garnered more than 12,000 likes on the social media platform, so obviously a lot of people agree with her.

One such person wrote: "I love when my partner asks me if something feels good."

Another said: "It's essential! How else does your partner grow and evolve to ensure you're both getting the most out of it."

A third added: "Amen! Communication is key and the way to grow/connect on a deeper level."

There you have it.

Communication is key folks, not just in the bedroom, but in all aspects of your relationship.

It's worth taking that advice on board.

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