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There Are Anti-Snoring Devices For Sale On Amazon

There Are Anti-Snoring Devices For Sale On Amazon

There are hundreds of results for snoring devices on offer from the huge internet retail giant

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Are you one of the unfortunate folks who has the displeasure of sleeping next to a snorer? Ever think about grabbing the pillow and putting it over your partner's head? Or maybe you just give them a quick kick to the stomach in a bid to MAKE. IT. STOP?

Well, your luck is finally in because Amazon is flogging anti-snoring devices meaning you can get that long-awaited, eagerly-anticipated and very much unbroken night's sleep you've been craving in just about forever.

Surprisingly, there is quite the variety of options available as well. Ranging from the bog standard nose vents that relieve congestion to some contraption that purifies the air around you.

Would you even sleep with that up your nose?

This little snorer stopper is on sale for £6.99 ($8.80) and has multiple benefits apparently. You simply insert the two vents into the nostrils and off you go.

It boasts an activated carbon air filter combined with sponge air filters that purify the air of dust and harmful gases (another problem altogether) this in turn helps to alleviate asthma.

Increased purity in the air means that snoring is reduced to an almighty halt so that your partner or you can finally have a decent and peaceful night's sleep.

Then there's this absolute treat. An anti-snore chin strap which is being flogged by Qingfei and is something I think I'd rather pay someone not to wear.

Well this is... attractive.

Being sold for £9.99 ($12.50) this absolute beauty is made of Neoprene, it is environmentally friendly, soft, comfortable and breathable (we'd hope so) and best of all, it's machine washable for all the night time dribbles.

The chin strap promises to give you and 'quiet night and restful quality sleep'. It works by holding your chin firmly in place and keeping your mouth closed.

Time to get on Amazon.

Maybe the only thing that won't make you look like a really special sleeper is the Asonor Snoring Nasal Spray which is available for £16.95 ($21).

The relief remedy opens up the throat air passage, enabling better breathing and providing a natural anti-snoring solution with a 77 per cent 'significant improvement' reported.

Alternatively you could get a pillow from Lidl to keep the snoring at bay, making late-night arguments a thing of the past.

The anti-snore pillow is being sold at Lidl.

This revolutionary device works by simply supporting your head a bit differently so it keeps them at the correct position for you to breath without it coming out as horrible (and potentially relationship ending) honking sounds.

Whether it works after you've had a skin full and fallen asleep entirely clothed, face down in a mixed kebab isn't made clear from the promotional material.

What is made clear is that it'll cost you £7.99 ($10) if you head down to a Lidl store - make sure you set an alarm, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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