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Turkish Man Mehmet Özyürek Has The World's Largest Nose On A Living Person

Tom Wood

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Turkish Man Mehmet Özyürek Has The World's Largest Nose On A Living Person

Featured Image Credit: Guinness World Records

If you've ever wondered whether you're capable of breaking a world record, perhaps you've considered looking into something that occurs completely naturally in your body?

Who knows, you might be walking around with the world's longest index finger, or maybe the world's largest eyeball.

Anything is possible, right?

Whilst it's unlikely that many of us are so genetically significant, or possess anything that would set us apart from all of the billions of people in the world, the same cannot be said for Turkish man Mehmet Özyürek.

That's because the 71-year-old from Turkey has the world's largest nose on a living person.

Seriously, it's an impressive appendage.

Credit: Guinness World Records
Credit: Guinness World Records

Of course, there could be others out there who have a longer nose, but they've never made themselves known to Guinness World Records, and certainly never made themselves available to have their nose measured on TV for everyone to see.

However, that's exactly what Özyürek back in 2010.

He went onto an Italian TV show called Lo Show dei Record - which shouldn't take that much effort to translate - in Rome to have his conk clocked by the professionals.

They measured his gigantic schnozz at a whopping 8.8 centimetres, which - as you've heard - is a record for a living person.

As the nose is one of the few body parts - alongside the ears - that continues to grow as we age, there's a good chance that a further measurement 11 years later would find that he's only extended his record.

Credit: Guinness World Records
Credit: Guinness World Records

That being said, whilst he certainly has the longest recorded nose on a living person, he may not have the longest nose in history.

That questionable accolade could - if reports are to be believed - belong to a man called Thomas Wedders.

Wedders - also known as Thomas Wadhouse - was circus performer from Yorkshire who lived in the 18th century.

His party trick - and the reason for his fame continuing to this day - was that his nose was allegedly absolutely huge.

Apparently, Wadders' nose was 19 centimetres - that's 7.5 inches - long.

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

If true, that would absolutely blow Özyürek's nose out of the water.

To be fair, Guinness World Records has even awarded a posthumous record for World's Largest Nose to Wadders, and a wax reproduction of his head is in the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum.

Wadders died aged around 50 or 52 in Yorkshire, but the notoriety of his famous nose lives on to this day.

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Tom Wood
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