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Woman Secretly Films People Looking At Her Chest For Breast Cancer Awareness

Woman Secretly Films People Looking At Her Chest For Breast Cancer Awareness

It's aimed at getting women to check their own breasts out

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A New York woman came up with a novel way to raise awareness for breast cancer by putting a hidden camera on her chest in order to capture all of the men - and women - ogling her chest as she walked through the city.

29-year-old Whitney Zelig wore a low-cut top and walked through Manhattan filming in order to see how many people stole a glance at her cleavage.

It's fair to say that, by the end of it, the good folks of New York were at least aware of her breasts.

There is an important message here, though. The idea was to create a light-hearted video that encourages women to check themselves to try to catch breast cancer early.

Chris Zelig

It's really important, too. Breast cancer is a whole lot more treatable if it's discovered early.

The video shows Whitney walking around for a while and, in that short time, nearly everyone she passes has a quick glance. That includes men, women, superheroes (seriously) and - on one occasion - even a dog.

Well, the dog's intentions aren't clear, but it's funny.

Chris Zelig

The clip then delivers the serious message, finishing with the caption: "Ladies, don't forget to check out your own breasts too. Early detection saves lives."

According to statistics from the National Breast Cancer Foundation, across their lifetime, one out of every eight women will develop breast cancer in the USA. In the UK, one in seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes, according to Cancer Research UK. That's a huge number of women.

However, not all those cases need be fatal. As the video's caption states, if the cancer is caught early, the chances of survival are a whole lot better.

Chris Zelig

In fact, one of the reason's behind Whitney's decision to make the video is that her own mother is a survivor of breast cancer.

For that reason, among others, Whitney, her brother Chris, and their friend CJ Koegel decided to put together the cheeky video to help raise a bit of awareness.

As we've already covered, they certainly managed to do that.

Chris Zelig

It's not the first time that Chris and CJ have made a video of this nature. In fact, they made an almost identical one starring a woman's backside in 2014.

That video was an attempt to raise awareness of prostate cancer in men. It ended with a similar caption, advising men to get their own bums checked out, instead of staring at the woman in the video's rear.

The video has now been viewed more than 14 million times, so you'd have to say they've accomplished their awareness mission.

Featured Image Credit: Chris Zelig

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