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Passenger Travels On 'World's Shortest First Class Flight' For Just £60

Passenger Travels On 'World's Shortest First Class Flight' For Just £60

YouTube user Ben Morris shows how he flew from Dubai in first class

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A YouTuber has made a film of the 'world's shortest first class flight', explaining how it cost him just £60. In other words, you can get a quick (very quick) taste of the high life, as you can see here:

YouTuber Ben Morris filmed his flight from Dubai to Bahrain, showing one of airline Emirates' shortest first class flights. The average flight time is one hour and 15 minutes.

The world's shortest first class flight is actually said to be from Dubai to Muscat, and takes 40 minutes.

Still, at least you get a glimpse into the luxuries on offer.

The clip shows Ben arriving at the airport three hours early, before deciding he's going to make the very most of his first class experience, as well as trying to make up his £60 by selling first class items on eBay.

YouTube/Ben Morris

Walking straight through security in Dubai airport, Ben says there's no queue as first class passengers have their own entrance.

YouTube/Ben Morris

Heading to the first class section of the business lounge, he's greeted with his own table and offered breakfast.

Like any normal person would, he goes for the old double breakfast, ordering salmon and avocado on toast, before tucking into some eggs, washed down with a smoothie, which he rates 10 out of 10.

He's also offered a spa treatment, opting for a 15 minute back massage before his flight, all as part of the ticket.

Heading to his terminal, he realises he's missed a trick. First class passengers are able to book a buggy to take them. Ben is just on foot, like a peasant.

YouTube/Ben Morris

He's escorted on to the plane, given his complimentary glass of Champagne and settles into his massive personal area.

His seat - which is 23 inches wide FYI - is motorised and controlled by a pad on the arm, so he can turn it into a bed and use the blanket provided if he wants to.

YouTube/Ben Morris

The booth he's given has its own TV, a pop-up stocked mini-bar, a dressing mirror, lamps, air-con - basically anything you might need to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Ben got his first class flight experience for just £60. Now, although that sounds amazing, it's largely down to the fact he has racked up a load Skywards Miles.

YouTube/Ben Morris

He explains the cost was 28,750 miles plus 290 dirhams. However, you could buy those miles for £641, meaning you would still save £450 by using miles rather than paying outright. Sneaky.

If you really want to taste the high life and you happen to be in Bangkok, you can travel for three hours on a first class flight for just £461. Bargain.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Ben Morris

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