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Internet left completely baffled by snake coming out of frog's backside

Internet left completely baffled by snake coming out of frog's backside

There's a picture of a frog with a snake coming out of its backside and the internet is utterly baffled at what they're seeing

The internet has been left utterly baffled - and a bit grossed out - after seeing a picture of a frog with a snake coming out of its backside.

Considering how weird that was to type, we can't really say we're surprised.

By now, it's no secret that animals get up to some pretty weird stuff when we're not paying attention to them, so quite how this frog ended up with a snake coming out of its arse is anyone's guess.

Indeed, people have been guessing ever since a picture of the frog and the snake were posted to social media by the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers.

They said they'd been sent the 'crazy photo' of a Green Tree Frog with a baby snake hanging out of its bottom.

Miss Piggy is gonna be furious when she finds out what Kermit has been up to.
Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers

The serpent was identified as an Eastern Brown Snake (that's not a euphemism) and quite how it ended up stuck in a frog's sphincter was a matter of some debate.

The snake catchers thought the frog might have been struggling to digest the snake and pooped it out, or guessed that the brown serpent might have slithered the entire way through the frog's digestive system.

In their post sharing the bizarre and baffling event, they explained that the lady who found the two animals stuck together and took the picture discovered the frog trying to work the snake out of its backside by using its legs, and she ended up pulling the snake out to spare the frog the arduous task.

Naturally, the internet has gone wild for this crazy image because there really would be no point to the internet if it didn't become fascinated by a frog with a snake up its arse.

Loads of people just couldn't stop staring at the image, dubbing the picture 'fascinating' and 'disgusting' in equal measure.

Someone else chipped in to say that Green Tree Frogs eat snakes, suggesting that was what caused all this ruckus in the first place.

The Eastern Brown Snake did not survive the ordeal with the frog's arsehole, maybe that's for the best.
Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers

Considering how intact the snake was after presumably being eaten plenty of people piled in to joke that snakes were to frogs 'what corn is to humans'.

One person summed it all up by saying they 'have so many questions but also don't want to know', and let's face it if you're seeing a frog with snake up its arse that's a very understandable response.

Another brilliant response dubbed the picture 'the kinda quality content the people wanna see'.

The fine folks over at Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers later offered an update on this ribbeting situation where they confirmed that the snake was in fact already dead upon the moment of anal ejection from the frog.

They also said that the woman who took the picture had 'helped remove the snake carefully from the frog's bottom', which we hope doesn't imply there are people carelessly removing snakes from a frog's backside.

For those wondering what happened to the frog in all of this, it sounds like it actually is quite easy being green as the snake catchers said the little green guy 'hopped away as if nothing had happened' once the serpent had been removed.

Oh, and this happened in Australia, because of course it did.

Featured Image Credit: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers

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