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Internet disgusted upon seeing customer's horrifying takeaway pizza

Internet disgusted upon seeing customer's horrifying takeaway pizza

What on earth are the toppings?!

People online have been reacting to a viral picture on Reddit – and, well, they're pretty disgusted with what they've seen.

The thread, captioned "this is apparently a 'pizza'", has been doing the rounds on social media and it has got plenty of users talking.

In the post itself, it features an image of a square-cut pizza sitting in a very greasy cardboard box.

But it's the toppings which are truly rotten.

It looks like, what can only be described as a brown gravy sauce, accompanied with an assortment of random toppings.

It's hard to work out what they actually are, but there appears to be some sausages floating around in there as well as a bunch of mushrooms – although they look more like out-of-date sliced bananas.

No tomato base.

No cheese.

Either way, it looks grim and definitely something you wouldn't dream of serving up.

If your local delivery food driver dropped that monstrosity off at your door on a Friday night, most people would probably be straight on the phone to the restaurant itself demanding a refund.

And to be honest, most people would also take a photograph of it and stick it on social media – which is exactly what this person has done.

In a viral Reddit thread, fellow users wasted no time in wading in.

One person commented: "That is raw sewage."

While another added: "That’s s**t from a butt after a long night of drinking."

As a third said: "That legit looks like a puddle of vomit."

Meanwhile, some people were desperately trying to work out what ingredients were on the dish.

A user asked: "OK, but what's with the primordial puree on top? What are the toppings? Is that full sausages?"

While one chimed in, adding: "Someone threw bananas or s**t in vomit and called it a pizza."

Some people were even calling for Reddit to attach a NSFW tag onto the post.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit: r/StupidFood, r/SuicidalHumanBrain

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