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Seriously gross reason why your iPhone might be too quiet

Seriously gross reason why your iPhone might be too quiet

This is why you should probably invest in a phone case...

If you've been an iPhone user for a while, your phone may not be as loud as it used to be.

This can be a real problem when it comes to your iPhone's everyday uses - from making calls to simply listening to some music - and it turns out that it can be fixed without replacing your speaker.

Why? Because the reason your speaker isn't working properly is actually a seriously gross, albeit easy-to-fix, one.

In a nutshell, your iPhone can be a magnet for dirt and grime.

News of just how dirty iPhones can get was recently brought to light by IDoctor iPhone & Android Repairs who took to Facebook to show how the speakers can get clogged up with all sorts of nastiness.

The repair shop captioned a video of the repair process: "99 percent of customers who ask for their speaker replacing will change their mind after we do this…"

As you can imagine, the shocking reality of what can make iPhones quieter than expected did not go unnoticed.

In fact, the video has been liked over 166K times since it was posted.

iPhone speakers can be a breeding ground for dirt.
Facebook / iDoctoruk

Reacting to the footage, which sees the repair technician carefully remove the dirt with a sharp object, one Facebook user said that if you're going to attempt this yourself, you should use blue-tac instead.

They wrote: "You shouldn't poke the speakers with anything at all… the best method is to use blue tack and press it into the holes gently.

"Pull the blue tack off and repeat this until the speakers are clean."

This warning was emphasised by iPhone users who said that they'd tried to clean their phone speakers themselves.

One revealed: "I tried this with a needle and broke the mic in my old iPhone.

"Could never use speaker phone again lmao [sic]."

iPhones and other smart phones do need to be cleaned out occasionally.
Yalcin Sonat / Alamy Stock Photo

Meanwhile, a third Facebook user questioned how a phone could even get this dirty, writing: "I work in carpentry with saw dust, dry wall dust, cement dust, etc. And my phone doesn't look like that. That's nasty."

A fourth pointed out that a case can stop this from happening.

They wrote: "That's nasty. My phone still looks brand new and it's almost two years old. Because I have a protective case all over it!!!"

Apple recommends that if you're going to attempt to clean your phone in any way, make sure that it is switched off and removed from any and all cables.

Featured Image Credit: Oleksandra Kharkova / Robert Clayton / Alamy Stock Photo

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