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Island Boys Release Bizarre Music Video To Their Viral TikTok Song

Laura Sanders

| Last updated 

Island Boys Release Bizarre Music Video To Their Viral TikTok Song

The Island Boys have released an official music video to their hit TikTok song which shot them to internet fame - and its left viewers divided. 

Many thought their speakers were broken at first, because the rappers went so heavy on the bass (arguably in both senses of the word). 

The music video, titled ‘I’m An Island Boy,’ starts with a comedy element. The twins are on an island in the middle of the lake freestyling, when they get a phone call from their abuela (grandmother in spanish), who tells them they spend “too much time on that island” and to come home. 

When they hang up from grandma, they ask a mate to film them performing their TikTok freestyle. After this bizarre scene, the official music video starts.


Watch: The Island Boys’ official music video

Wads of cash, bling, and girls twerking in their bikinis: this video has all of the components one might expect from a rapper’s music video. Check it out for yourself.


While some fans think the video is a great progression from the TikTok clip, others have been quick to criticise and make fun of the twins. 

“They deep fried that bass, thought my phone speaker was broken,” wrote one viewer. This comment got more than 3,000 likes. 

Another sarcastic comment got more than 600 likes: “Producer: ‘So how much bass do you want?’... Island boys: ‘Yes’.”

“The amount of blown out bass in this song almost destroyed my phone speaker,” said another.


“If these guys made it, the homeless next door can make it too,” commented another savage viewer.

“I wake up every day, put on my suit, work as hard as I can, and keep hoping for a decent break in my career. These dudes are my age and loaded for life for saying ‘Island boy.’ I just cannot man,” said another.

“I have this song as my alarm in my phone, now I wake up 30 minutes early so I don’t have to hear this song.”

But others said they liked the music video and wished the two Floridian rappers well with their careers. 


“So glad I saw you guys on HE, this slaps. I love your humour in the beginning, too,” wrote one. 

“I can’t stop listening to this song l even listen to it when I brush my teeth,” said another.

“Y’all talk c**p but people willing to put themselves out there and make money off their image is a form of entrepreneurship, plus they got a chill vibe they mesh w most groups,” somebody else commented.

Another admirer said: “When the whole world seems to be against you, but you still pull through and continue to do what you love, that’s when you come out the strongest. I can’t hate on these guys but instead applaud their bravery.”


“They really taking this to the fullest, salute to them lol,” another commented.

“I loved y’all from day 1. I am so happy for yall I'm your biggest fan. I know you may hear that alot but I see a great future for you both,” said another.

“See the funny things is. They know they fried that bass. They just gettin ready to shock the media with the next banger,” noted another.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Big Bad Ent

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Laura Sanders
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