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Jake Paul spars with a dildo on Christmas to prove there are 'no days off'

Jake Paul spars with a dildo on Christmas to prove there are 'no days off'

There's still time to make 2022 the weirdest year possible

Once again proving 2022 is full of surprises, Jake Paul just sparred with a dildo on Christmas as there are 'no days off', apparently.

We can only apologise on what is meant to be a day full of festive cheer.

Taking to Twitter, the YouTuber-turned-boxer shared the unusual clip alongside the caption: "No days off. Keeping my reflexes sharp. Merry Christmas."

Thanks to some cleverly placed packaging in the background, we can see he decided to throw a few punches at a 'Rascal 12-inch' sex toy.

Clearly Jake's taking his training very seriously - while most families are sat around eating themselves into oblivion, he's out here fighting with anything he can get his hands on.

The session came to an abrupt end when a relative interrupted to say: "Jake, I'm trying to give you a Christmas present," to which he replies: "Oh sorry," before grabbing the gift.

Perhaps it's a 14-incher... just to give him a real challenge.

Unsurprisingly, his followers were baffled, with one asking: "Bro, why do u have that?"

Another delivered the ultimate roast, writing: "Best way of learning flaws can be to imagine fighting yourself.

"You’ve taken the imagination to the next step."

Not on Christmas.

Same goes for this user who quipped: "Shadow boxing in the mirror is good to keep your form. Keep it up you’re looking sharp!"

Not everyone was against the x-rated clip, including this person who said: "This is why you’re the GOAT."

A second chimed in: "Hardest working boxer in the game!" Excuse the pun.

While we're on the topic, did you see that Jake recently met up with Andrew Tate, face-to-face?

The pair have had a bit of a back and forth over recent months, with the former Disney kid branding Tate's fans 'virgins'.

Speaking to his brother Logan on his Impaulsive podcast earlier this year, the 25-year-old hit out at the former Big Brother contestant's catchphrase 'what colour is your Bugatti?'

Paul said: "I just think it’s funny that the ‘Top G’ is a fanboy. He runs with this whole thing like 'what colour is your Bugatti?'"

He then aimed his next barb at Tate directly: "Andrew, it’s not cool to tell kids that they need a Bugatti to be cool."

As a result of their ongoing feud, many have speculated whether we'll be seeing a Jake Paul vs Andrew Tate fight in the coming months.

Although nothing has been confirmed as of yet, Jake shared the clip of the pair's meet in November, writing: "Negotiations."

You never know - maybe this Christmas stunt was his way of letting us know he is preparing.

Featured Image Credit: @jakepaul/Twitter

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