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Andrew Tate squares up to Jake Paul after Tommy Fury fight

Andrew Tate squares up to Jake Paul after Tommy Fury fight

Jake Paul and Andrew Tate were in attendance as Tommy Fury took on Rolly Lambert Fogum in Dubai

Andrew Tate squares up to Jake Paul after Tommy Fury's exhibition bout in Dubai.

The tension between the two media personalities is becoming increasingly more toxic as they faced off ringside.

Paul was in attendance while commentating on Tommy Fury's last-minute exhibition against Rolly Lambert Fogum.

The YouTuber was talking utter s**t against Fury throughout the whole fight, which was, quite honestly, a non-event.

After the exhibition fight finished, Paul was called out by the Fury family, first John, then Tommy.

Father John seemingly had enough of Paul's heckling and went full-Hulkamania by throwing his top off.


"Forget my son, I'm the king of the bareknuckle," Fury shouted.

Jake replied: "Nobody likes you, you're embarrassing. You're a fat, miserable, old man."

The YouTuber said: "Come down here and fight me bro," whereas John wanted him in the ring.


Shortly after the bizarre scenes, Tommy then calls out 'b*tch' Paul and demands him to make his way into the ring.

As you might have expected, Jake opted to stay put ringside and he later revealed why he wouldn't step through the ropes.

"He had the high ground. Anyone that knows about war knows the high ground. That was madness. Honestly, I thought damn…he should start an OnlyFans," Jake said.

Also for anyone wondering, the exhibition fight meant that no winner was announced - makes sense as the fighters didn't do much fighting.


After all that nonsense took place, Jake then went and found Tate in the crowd and the pair faced off for the second time.

The two fighters looked pretty relaxed but you can sense the genuine hatred they have for one another.


Three days ago, Jake Paul shared a clip on social media showing the pair of internet stars appear to be lining up a fight.

Sharing the clip to Twitter, Paul wrote: "Negotiations."

Paul and Tate have had a bit of a back and forth over recent months, with the former Disney kid branding Tate's fans 'virgins'.

Speaking to his brother Logan on his Impaulsive podcast earlier this year, the 25-year-old hit out at the former Big Brother contestant's catchphrase 'what colour is your Bugatti?'

Paul said: "I just think it’s funny that the ‘Top G’ is a fanboy. He runs with this whole thing like 'what colour is your Bugatti?'"

He then aimed his next barb at Tate directly: "Andrew, it’s not cool to tell kids that they need a Bugatti to be cool."

Featured Image Credit: @GlobalTitansFS/Twitter

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