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Drunk driver accused of killing bride on wedding day applies for jail release

Drunk driver accused of killing bride on wedding day applies for jail release

The alleged driver has been charged, but she is hoping to be allowed bail before her trial

A drunk driver who is accused of killing a bride on her wedding day is applying for a jail release just weeks after the devastating incident.

Samantha Miller and Aric Hutchinson were supposed to be having the best days of their lives, but 28 April ended in tragedy.

Samantha, 34, was killed just minutes after the couple left their wedding reception in South Carolina, with Aric, 36, left critically injured as a woman allegedly crashed into the golf cart they left their wedding reception in.

Aric has since left hospital but was put into the most unimaginable position as he had to plan his wife's funeral just days after he married her.

Jamie Komoroski, 25, was charged with one count of reckless homicide and three counts of felony DUI resulting in great bodily harm.

The tragic crash happened just minutes after this picture was taken.

It's alleged Komoroski was speeding at 65mph in a 25mph zone behind the wheel of a rented Toyota Camry, and under the influence when the tragedy occurred at Folly Beach.

Now, Komoroski, through her defence attorneys, has filed a motion asking the court to let her out on bail before the commencement of her trial.

According to the Court of General Sessions records in the Ninth Judicial Circuit, the motion was filed on 19 May, with a bail of $100,000 and inpatient rehab for their client applied for.

A bond motion notes that Komoroski has 'struggled with alcohol dependence, depression, and anxiety' and has sought treatment in the last year.

"Jamie now suffers from facial tics brought on by mounting and unabated anxiety," the filing added.

The filing explains that rehab facilities in both New Jersey and South Carolina have been looked at by her family, which will allow Komoroski to receive 'inpatient substance abuse and mental health rehabilitation immediately upon her release'.

To prove she is committed to the rehab programme, Komoroski would not have access to cars or alcohol, and under her mum's supervision, would not pose a flight risk, according to the document.

Komoroski is hoping to be released before her trial.
Charleston Sheriff Office

If Komoroski is granted release, her family say they will provide a bed for her in the court's preferred rehabilitation geographical location.

She can also be directly transported to the location, according to the motion - with it adding: "This intense level of inpatient rehabilitation is consistent with the rehabilitative goals of the criminal justice system and will help undergird any determination by the court that Jamie poses no risk or danger to the community."

The filing sumps up: "In light of her lack of criminal history, her strong familial support and her peaceable character, her commitment to rehabilitative treatment and her mother’s and brother’s willingness to house and support Jamie while she is on release, and the multitude of conditions the court can impose in its order for bail to further protect the public and ensure her appearance, Jamie asks that the court order her release."

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