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Jeremy Clarkson responds as people question him over issues with farm shop

Jeremy Clarkson responds as people question him over issues with farm shop

People have flocked to the shop in the Cotswolds following the release of Clarkson's Farm season two

Jeremy Clarkson has responded to people questioning him over issues with his farm shop.

The Diddly Squat farm shop has been closed over winter, but it reopened last weekend, coinciding with the much-anticipated release of Clarkson's Farm season two.

Fans have flocked to the shop, bringing congestion to a country lane in Chipping Norton, near Chadlington in the Cotswolds, with the council urging people to park 'safely and considerately' at the farm.

In a tweet yesterday (Sunday 19 February), Clarkson wrote: "It's really busy at the farm shop today and I'm sorry we can't provide proper car parking.

"Until we can, the local police, who are very great and much on our side btw, do ask that people don't park on the main road."

The tweet prompted a flurry of questions from followers, and the 62-year-old took time out to field them (pun intended).

Clarkson fielded questions from fans.
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"Could you not put down gravel instead of a proper car park? Like a driveway," one person suggested, and the response was predictable.

"Sadly not," Clarkson said. "The council can still say no."

"Have you thought of getting people to book and pay for parking? £10 each, £5 redeemable in the shop?" another asked.

"Caffeine & Machine coped with overwhelming demand that way. Easily controllable that way?"

Clarkson said this plan would be a non-starter too.

He replied: "Caffeine and Machine is a different sort of operation. I love what they do, but we are a shop."

Another prospective visitor simply wanted to know where they could park, to which Clarkson responded: "We are opening fields as fast as we can."

And another fan wrote: "I do want to visit but worry about where to park and the queue, as I can not walk far or stand for a long time."

Clarkson replied: "We'd love to see you. If you can, visit us on a term time weekday. It's usually more quiet then."

There have been lengthy queues at the farm shop once again.
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As for disabled visitors, the former Top Gear host said the team at the farm 'try our best' - though he wasn't currently up to heading over and saying hello to visitors in the queue.

"I'm sorry [the queue is] so long," he tweeted. "I'd come over if I wasn't feeding the pigs. And if I didn't have such a massive hangover."

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