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Joel Corry comes across 'longest airport queue in history' that's '2.5 miles'

Joel Corry comes across 'longest airport queue in history' that's '2.5 miles'

The DJ was shocked to see how far the line stretched

DJ Joel Corry has shared a video of the ‘longest airport queue in history’, which he said stretched for miles and had a whopping four-hour wait. Check it out:

Since travel restrictions have eased, we've seen plenty of airports struggle to cope with demand, with a slew of airports experiencing serious queuing issues earlier this year.

However, Corry reckons he may have come across a queue that takes the title.

In a post on TikTok, an incredulous Corry says: “I’ve been told this queue is four kilometres long.”

The video then pans across a lengthy line of people, overlaid with the words: “It started at security all the way through terminal one.” 

As Corry tells the camera he’s ‘never seen anything like this’, we’re given another view of the queue with the caption explaining: “Then goes through the entire check in area.”

Walking through the airport, believed to be Cologne in Germany, Corry says: “This has to be some sort of Guinness World Record or something.”


The camera then pans across as dozens of people can be seen patiently standing in a line that snakes through the airport. 

Even as Corry reaches the entrance to the airport, the queue isn’t over yet, because outside there are plenty more people standing in line, with the DJ explaining: “It went all the way outside and up the street.” 

As he finally reached the end of the queue, Corry said the wait time was over four hours. 

Sharing the video to TikTok, he wrote: “Longest queue in airport HISTORY.”

Since posting the clip has been viewed 2.8 million times and has attracted plenty of comments from people who aren’t quite able to believe their eyes. 

One wrote: “And people wait? I would have gone back home.”

Another said: “There is no way in Hell I would wait in that.”


While a third commented: “F-that! Think I’ve changed my mind about booking a holiday for the holidays! I ain’t got time for that.”

Someone else joked: “You would have wasted less time & energy by going by feet to your destination.”

Even the official Guinness World Record account chipped in to say: “That’s a long queue.” They don’t miss a trick, do they?

Others claimed they had been at the same airport and experienced similar queues, with some saying they even missed their flight. 

In the comments, Corry confirmed that the airport had no fast track option available, meaning he was forced to wait in line. Ouch. 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @joelcorry

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