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Woman who believed she was Madeleine McCann will do another DNA test to prove who she is

Woman who believed she was Madeleine McCann will do another DNA test to prove who she is

Julia Wendell isn't done investigating her past yet

The Polish woman who believed she was Madeleine McCann plans to do another DNA test to find out the truth about her identity.

Despite being older than McCann would be now, Julia Wendell spent months claiming to be convinced she was the missing daughter of Kate and Gerry McCann.

Wendell said she had few memories from her childhood, and pointed to a defect in her eye similar to the one McCann was known to have to back up her claims.

Her own family insisted she was their biological child, but Wendell conducted a DNA test to try and find out if she had British heritage, like McCann.

In spite of all of her beliefs, it soon emerged that science wasn't on her side, as the results confirmed she was from Poland, with some Lithuanian and Romanian heritage.

Wendell's first DNA test proved she wasn't McCann.

An investigator who had been working with Wendell, Dr. Fia Johansson, told "She is absolutely 100 percent from Poland. She is a small percentage of Lithuanian and Russian but the test results show she is Polish.

"We learned a few things, one being that Julia’s mum is in fact now believed to be her mum, so she is not Madeleine McCann."

Wendell issued an apology to McCann's parents after the results came in, but she isn't done investigating her past just yet.

Earlier this month, Wendell set up a new Instagram account with the handle 'Am I Julia Wendell'.

She then took to the platform this weekend to address her followers and reveal that she plans to do another DNA test, implying she wasn't entirely convinced by the first lot of results.

Wendell will keep details about her upcoming test a secret.

The Polish woman recalled asking Johansson why her initial DNA results came to 'another website', saying: "I thought that it came and now I don't know [...] I'm a little confused."

Wendell will do the new test by herself, as she explained: "Yes, my plan is to do a DNA test, another DNA by myself, but nobody will know when and nobody will know which company, or where.

"I want to do this because, I just want to do this. I don't even have to explain why but I think everyone knows why I want to do this. When the results come I will let you know everything."

Wendell claimed she has 'support' from officials and people in law enforcement, and that she has requested that Dr. Johansson hand over all of the documents and medical charts relating to her case.

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