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Just Stop Oil activists arrested after bizarrely pouring soup over themselves instead of famous painting

Just Stop Oil activists arrested after bizarrely pouring soup over themselves instead of famous painting

The Just Stop Oil activists have switched things up by pouring soup over themselves this time

Protesters from Just Stop Oil have shaken things up with their latest soup-related incident by pouring it over themselves instead of a famous painting.

While people thought they were going to throw soup over the famous painting 'Girl With A Pearl Earring', they instead doused themselves in the tinned food.

Activists from the climate group have targeted pieces of artwork in the past, throwing soup over Vincent Van Gogh's iconic 'sunflowers' painting as it hung in the National Gallery in London.

Now Dutch activists in a museum in The Hague have put their own spin on the protest by putting the soup on themselves instead of the painting.

A pair of activists wearing 'Just Stop Oil' t-shirts were filmed positioning themselves next to the famous 'Girl With A Pearl Earring' painting by Johannes Vermeer, announcing to a crowd that the priceless canvas was protected by glass.

However, when they brandished tins of soup, the situation didn't go the way people were expecting as they instead poured the soup on themselves.

Just Stop Oil protesters covered themselves with soup instead of chucking it at a priceless painting this time.

The protester with soup poured on him appeared to glue himself to the painting, while his fellow activist asked people in the museum: "How do you feel when you see something beautiful and priceless being destroyed before your eyes?"

"Do you feel outraged? Good. Where is that feeling when you see the planet being destroyed before your very eyes?"

"This painting is protected by glass, it's just fine. Vulnerable people, they are not protected. The future of our children is not protected. People in fuel poverty who need to choose between heating or eating are not protected."

Their protest didn't seem to gain much of an approving response from the other people in the museum, who said 'shame on you' and called the activists 'obscene'.

Others told them to 'shut up' when they spoke about the environment.

The famous painting on display at the Mauritshuis, The Hague, is thought not to have been damaged by the protests.

Protesters doused themselves in soup and then glued themselves to the famous painting.

Protesters who threw soup over the Van Gogh painting recently said they would never try to cause damage to it and only targeted the painting because they knew it was protected by glass.

They also recently threw cake in the face of the King Charles III waxwork at Madame Tussauds while quoting his own words on the dangers of climate change and the need to protect the environment.

Other groups of Just Stop Oil protesters glued themselves to roads, with angry drivers trying to drag people off the ground they'd stuck themselves to.

Meanwhile, a pair of activists managed to climb up the Queen Elizabeth II bridge in Dartford, causing it to be closed down.

Featured Image Credit: @thematrixf_ / Twitter

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