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Kendall Jenner's £6,300 jacket mocked for looking like testicles

Kendall Jenner's £6,300 jacket mocked for looking like testicles

The Loewe jacket certainly looked warm, but also resembled a pair of testicles

People are flooding to social media in stitches over Kendall Jenner's jacket.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan are known for going above, beyond and basically into another realm when it comes to fashion and beauty choices - Kim Kardashian having said she would consider eating poo every day if it meant looking youthful and Kylie Jenner facing backlash for giving her daughter a $12,000 (£9,320) backpack to take to school.

To give Kendall Jenner her dues, when it's below freezing outside, fashion does go out the window and warmth is the only thing that matters.

However, there are definitely ways to prevent yourself getting frostbite for less than $7,750 (£6,300) and which don't result in you looking like the Grinch's ballsack or a pair of voluptuous Brussels sprouts.

Kendall Jenner is getting roasted online for her jacket.
@kendalljenner/ Instagram

On Tuesday, 13 December, the 27-year-old took to Instagram to share an image of herself in Aspen, Colorado.

Along with wearing a pair of dark blue denim jeans and a fluffy burgundy cowboy hat, Jenner wore a dark green puffer jacket.

The jacket is from Loewe, described on the label's site as a 'padded bomber jacket in shiny satin nappa lambskin with side pockets and elasticated cuffs and waist'.

Despite being a sensible warm choice given the cold and snowy conditions around her, the pose Jenner was giving - her arms tucked inside the pockets of the Loewe puffer - gave the item of clothing a rather unfortunate shape.

Jenner's jacket has been described as looking like 'testicles'.
@kendalljenner/ Instagram

One Instagram user took to the post to compare Jenner to 'a sexy sofa cushion' however, others were slightly less PG in their interpretations of the outfit.

A user said: "Jacket kinda looks like a ballsack."

"That looks like testicles, good night," another wrote.

Another user said the jacket looks like a 'trash bag'.
@HenryHenryvas16/ Twitter

Viewers of the series of pictures took to Twitter to laugh over it further.

One wrote: "I've heard of blue balls…but green balls?"

"What's it made from, loft insulation.???" another added.

A third commented: "BALLSY."

A final resolved: "I thought it looked like she had large breast, as long as she's warm I doubt this will be worn more than once. Who knows."

Despite social media users' quick condemnation of the jacket, it's actually sold out online - Loewe's website stating the option to, 'Notify when available' for all listed sizes.

The jacket may look like a big green pair of testicles, but people are still buying it and for a whopping $7,750 too.

So, despite everyone's poking fun of it, the last laugh is ultimately being had by Loewe and Jenner.

Featured Image Credit: @kendalljenner/ Instagram

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