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'Naked man' appears to be standing behind Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs

'Naked man' appears to be standing behind Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs

People tuning into Grand Designs: House of the Year were pretty sure they saw a naked man

What looks like a naked man has been spotted standing behind Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs: House of the Year.

Able to take a break from his usual routine of wandering round building sites suggesting he doesn't like the house very much, Kevin was tucking into some cronuts (half croissant, half donut) when the 'naked man' made an appearance.

Right now, Kevin is touring around beautiful homes which are all on the list to win 'Home of the Year' and seeing what he makes of them.

Restorations, difficult builds and incredibly modern homes are all pretty standard fare for the Grand Designs presenter, but he's rarely had to do his thing on camera with nudists around.

Viewers tuning into the latest episode got a bit distracted during Kevin's ode to the cronut as they thought they saw a naked man in the background of the shot.

There is, however, a more innocent explanation to the incident.

If there was a naked man behind much loved Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud he was entirely oblivious to it.
christopher jones / Alamy Stock Photo

Grand Designs is meant to be all about the suspense over whether the builders will be able to get the joists in before some freak weather incident ruins the whole project.

We tune into the show to see stripped down buildings and Kevin McCloud dropping little hints that he thinks it looks rubbish, not stripped down people.

Luckily, Channel 4 later confirmed that the latest episode of Grand Designs hadn't featured a naked bloke strolling around in the background while Kevin raved about the deliciousness of cronuts.

It turns out that the supposed 'naked man' was actually a sculpture that just happened to look incredibly like one.

There appeared to be a naked man stood behind Kevin McCloud.

With a strong focus on success stories featuring incredibly successful homes, Grand Designs: House of the Year has a much more cheery aspect than some regular episodes of the show.

All sorts of issues can befall the usual projects on Grand Designs, with the trifecta being 'the caravan, the pregnancy, snow' as comedian David O'Doherty put it in his song about the popular show.

Still, even if the journey can be a bit of a slog, the end result more often than not produces an amazing house, even if many of them are in the middle of nowhere.

Earlier this year the house from the 'saddest ever' episode of Grand Designs went on sale for £10 million, with Chesil Cliff House beset by all sorts of problems before it finally went on the market.

Edward Short had hoped to build his family's 'forever home', but after sinking millions into renovating the seaside house and splitting from his wife he put it on the market for £10 million.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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