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KFC fans think hot dog hack 'needs to be on the menu'

KFC fans think hot dog hack 'needs to be on the menu'

KFC, listen to this man!

After watching one man create the mouth-watering KFC meal of our dreams, the people have spoken - and they want this added to the menu pronto.

TikTok creator Ollie (@ollie_eats) came up with the delicious 'menu hack' and shared it with fans, who are now desperate to try out the KFC 'hot dog' for themselves.

Taking some KFC Chicken Tenders and jamming them in a brioche hot dog bun with a mix of delectable sauces and toppings, Ollie had over 300k viewers drooling.

Unfortunately, his creation has yet to be added to the official KFC menu, but in the meantime, there's no one to stop you from creating your own. Here's how he does it:

For this recipe, you'll need to order chicken tenders, chips, Supercharger Dip, and gravy from KFC, then pick up some brioche hot dog buns, Edam cheese, and candied jalapenos from the supermarket on your way home.

Talking his viewers through the process, Ollie explained: "I saw these brioche hot dog buns and I thought they'd be perfect for the KFC Chicken Tenders.

"So I melted some Edam cheese and then whacked the Chicken Tenders and the chips into the bun, and then added the Supercharger sauce and some candied jalapenos.

"Swished it together, added it to my chicken order, and then dipped it in the KFC gravy. Boom."

This really is one of those things you didn't know you needed because, after watching Ollie assemble that meal, I suddenly have never craved something more in my entire life.


This man is like the Willy Wonka of takeaways.

And it looks like TikTok viewers felt the same way.

"This needs to be on the menu it looks class," commented one viewer.

"Banging, Ollie!," raved a second, while a third told him: "I’ll be honest looks amazing."

"Edammm that looks good," wrote a fourth, and a fifth simply said: "You are a genius."

Most people were pretty impressed with this marvellous creation, but some viewers had major concerns about one of the key ingredients.

"Chips ruined it," complained one follower.


"Was all good... other than the chips," agreed a second.

"KFC chips are so dead these days," wrote a third.

Ok fine, so the KFC chips aren't for everyone, but they're definitely not the key ingredient in this feast.

You could definitely leave them out and still eat a KFC hot dog that tastes so good it makes you shed a tear - at least that's what I imagine it would feel like.

In fact, let me go and find out. Does anyone know where I can pick up some candied jalapenos?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ollie_eats/keith morris/Alamy Stock Photo

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