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Reason why King Charles only wore one white glove during coronation crowning

Reason why King Charles only wore one white glove during coronation crowning

King Charles wore the glove at his coronation at Westminster Abbey

King Charles was spotted wearing just one glove at his coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey, but I can assure you he didn't just forget the other.

Charles officially becomes the King of England with the ceremony today (6 May), where he donned all sorts of impressive attire for the historic occasion.

King Charles wore one glove at the coronation.
BBC News

As well as a crown, the King has coronation robes, an embroidered gold coat and a sword belt. But one accessory that proved particularly eye-catching at the event was his gloves. Or rather, glove.

Viewers were quick to hone in on the fact that Charles only had one glove on, with some comparing him to Michael Jackson for the look while others suggested he was more like the Marvel villain, Thanos.

"Does the single white glove mean Charles is also being crowned the King of Pop?" one viewer joked, while another commented: "King Charles being given Thanos' glove."

A third commented: "The King gets what every new King needs - a new OVEN GLOVE!"

Contrary to this particular claim, I can assure you the glove isn't actually used to get hot food out of the oven.

Also known as the Coronation Gauntlet, the white glove is a traditional part of the getup, and is typically worn on the right hand by the monarch as part of the coronation while they hold the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross during the crowning.

It has been worn by Charles today after it was previously worn by his grandfather George VI, the last male monarch. The decision to reuse the glove comes as part of efforts to make the most out of the various garments in 'the interests of sustainability and efficiency', the Royal Family has explained.

The glove was first presented by the Worshipful Company of Glovers - who knew they existed? - after being made by Dents the glove makers and embroidered by Edward Stillwell & Company in 1937.

It's made of white leather, while the wrist is lined with red satin and embroidered with gilt metal thread, wire and spangles which form national emblems including the Tudor Rose, thistle, shamrock, oak leaves and acorns.

The glove isn't the only piece of attire to make a comeback at Charles' coronation - he's also reusing vestments which featured in the Coronation Services of King George IV in 1821, King George V in 1911, King George VI in 1937 and Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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